Developed world told not to use human food in animal feed

Developing nations convene at third annual D-8 meeting

The developed world has been asked not to excessively use human food for animal feed or other non-human consumption purposes on the recommendation of agriculture ministers from eight developing countries, who gathered at a D-8 meeting in Indonesia on October 5.

The request stemmed from discussion of the possibility of a global food shortage due to global warming and land conversion threats. Five strategic points were discussed in the meeting: trade and standardization, marine affairs and fisheries, the D-8 agricultural information knowledge management network, food security and support for the private sector in investment programs in the field of food security.

Participating countries included Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Bangladesh. It was the third meeting held after the first was held in Malaysia in 2010 and the second in Iran in 2011.