ARREFF Terminals has been organically certified

Meeting the standards will allow the company to grow its business

Effective 2015, ARREFF Terminals, Portsmouth, VA, has received organic certification from Pennsylvania Certified Organic. Arreff is now a handling operation of organic whole grains, including corn, soy beans and millet.

To be certified organic, a plant must have annual onsite inspections and report any and all chemicals and cleaning solution used and the distance between them and the organic product. This federal law requires all certified organic facilities to meet the same standards and be certified under the same certification process.

Plant Manager Gloria Lambert states: “We are working with several customers in Romania, Brazil and Uruguay which export organic agricultural commodities to America. Arreff receives these containers and unloads them into either hopper trucks or railcars for further delivery. Many of our customers had asked us to become certified, and we did so to be able to offer a broad range of services to grow our business.”