Monsanto joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Company taking important step to develop more sustainable agriculture system

Monsanto Company has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and is offering the council’s business ecosystems training course globally for employees. The course is designed to enhance employees’ awareness and understanding of the links between ecosystems and business.

“In joining the WBCSD, Monsanto is taking an important step along a continuum toward developing a more sustainable agriculture system — one that improves our daily lives, respects our global environment and recognizes the importance of the world’s small-holder farmers,” said Peter Bakker, president of the council. “We must find new ways to protect soils, enhance ecosystems and optimize land use in ways that are environmentally sound. And we must move toward a future vision for agriculture where absolutes become as out of place as a one-size-fits-all approach to farming.”

Hugh Grant, chairman and CEO at Monsanto, will represent the company as a World Business Council for Sustainable Development council member. Jerry Steiner, executive vice president of sustainability and corporate affairs at Monsanto, is the council liaison delegate. Gabriela Burian, director of sustainable agriculture ecosystems at Monsanto, leads the company’s integration and implementation of the council’s ecosystem training and tools.