Europe organic poultry producers win reprieve from tighter feed rules

January 2012’s implementation to be stalled, further changes at a later date

Europe’s organic poultry producers will not have to change the way they feed birds come January 2012, as had been proposed by the European Commission.

The commission had intended for the organic poultry industry to grow a large proportion of feed from their holding or region and wanted to implement a 100% organic diet for poultry. However, it has now revealed that it will not make any immediate changes and the requirement to use fully organic pullets will also be delayed.

“I am delighted that the EU has listened to the NFU and those in the poultry sector who have made representations to the EU Commission and Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the important matter of organic diets,” said Martin Humphrey, UK National Farmers Union board member and organic feed compounder. “While we await confirmation from the proposed text for the legislation, it looks clear that the EU will not implement 100% organic diets and will allow producers to continue with the current 95% diets for a limited amount of time.”