Anitox announces new research on search for Salmonella

Pathogen control specialist company confirms multiple testing is vital in search for Salmonella

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) testing is the feed industry’s gold standard for physically and biochemically identifying Salmonella. According to data from researchers at pathogen control specialist Anitox, this testing is not sufficient on its own to return reliable results.

Salmonella favors warm, damp conditions with little environmental stress, and in these circumstances H2S testing proves highly effective,” explains Anitox research, development and analytics manager Kellie Hogan, Ph.D. ”However, the work we’ve just completed confirms that when Salmonella is ‘stressed’ and environmental conditions are less than favorable the pathogen can remain undetected, only to be confirmed as Salmonella within a matter of hours.”

Anitox advises using a comprehensive approach to testing using multiple methods. While H2S should always be considered, the most accurate results can be obtained with a testing regime that includes PCR or other molecular testing alongside H2S analysis, according to Hogan.