US sorghum being tested as poultry feed in Saudi Arabia

60 tons sent from Sorghum Checkoff, US Grains Council

Saudi Arabia is looking into less expensive alternate grains to use as poultry feed, and the latest possibility to be tested is U.S. sorghum.

The Sorghum Checkoff and U.S. Grains Council recently sent 60 tons of sorghum to Saudi Arabia for commercial poultry feeding trials. According to Florentino Lopez, marketing director for the Sorghum Checkoff, U.S. sorghum is an excellent feed grain, but is at a market disadvantage right now. He said they hope production data at commercial farms in Saudi Arabia helps demonstrate its value in rations and eventually levels the playing field. Doing so would create more market opportunities for U.S. sorghum producers.

Once the trials are complete, the results will be distributed to the feed and poultry industries as well as government officials.