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New Nor-Feed plant will quadruple production capacity

The new botanicals production facility runs on “green power” with renewable and local energy sources.

French company manufactures botanical feed additives

French feed ingredient company Nor-Feed is building a new manufacturing facility in Chemillé, France, that will increase its botanicals production capacity fourfold, with the ability to double that capacity at a later time. The new site is expected to be officially opened in September.

The company said botanicals have traditionally been used as flavoring agents, but are increasingly being used to improve feed conversion or as part of coccidiosis management programs.

“Thanks to its EU registration dossiers, and the degree of standardization and documentation of our products, Nor-Feed rides the botanicals ‘wave,’ with export sales representing three-quarters of sales now, while the French market continues to grow two digits,” the company said.

The new plant runs on “green power” with renewable and local energy sources.

“We manufacture feed additives that have been eco-designed, from their manufacturing down to their use: we utilize co-products from the agricultural industry first (rather than purposely cultivated resources), that we process without any chemical solvents, and concentrate to travel easily. Our products will ultimately replace synthetic products in animal feeds,” Nor-Feed said in a press release. “The new plant is also an opportunity for Nor-Feed to implement a new extraction technology, patented but not used up to now, to exploit new botanical sources and make their active compounds bio-available without having to use expensive and sometimes solvent-dependent technologies to complete the extraction.”

Nor-Feed is in the process of becoming a certified B corporation “to cement our commitment to a more sustainable way of doing business.”

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