Wenger Group changes key management structure

Board of directors planning for eventual succession of President and CEO Phil Rohrbaugh

The Wenger Group has made changes to its key management structure. The company says these changes will benefit its customers by improving speed and quality of execution and are key to accelerating its growth.

The board of directors has been evaluating what succession planning actions should be taken to prepare for the eventual retirement of President and CEO Phil Rohrbaugh. Based on that review and assessment, a plan has been developed, which will serve the company and its customers well in planning for this future transition yet allow it to continue its focus around its strategic plan.

Rohrbaugh will continue to lead the organization as CEO for the next several years, but his focus will shift more toward ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company and less on day-to-day operations. Accordingly, his focus will be around the execution of the company’s strategy, driving and developing revenue opportunities and growth, acquisitions and business development, and continuing to strengthen corporate governance. With that shift in focus, changes will occur in the management structure effective October 1.

Tim Appleby will move into the new position of senior vice president and chief business officer, reporting to Rohrbaugh. In this position, all shared service functions that support operations (i.e. finance and accounting, human resources and information technology) as well as transportation will report to Appleby.

Brad Wagner will be promoted to the position of senior vice president and chief operating officer, reporting to Rohrbaugh. In this position, Wagner will provide oversight to all mill operations, manufacturing support services, supply chain and customer service and logistic areas. These areas are strongly linked as the company strives to meet the animal nutrition needs of its customers.

Dave Glock will be promoted to senior vice president and chief procurement officer. While Glock will continue to lead and manage the procurement area and partner with Wagner closely around operations, he will work directly with and report to Rohrbaugh around the execution of expansionary strategies that are intended to drive long-term value to the company.

As a result of the company’s strong focus around animal nutrition research and innovation as well as quality, Dr. Raj Kasula, senior vice president and chief nutrition officer, will continue to report to Rohrbaugh. Wenger’s efforts in these areas continue to be expanded, and Kasula has initiated several important initiatives in an effort to achieve more market recognition of the company’s capabilities and new actions it is taking in these areas.

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