Novus, Agrivida partner on feed additive technology

Partnership will enhance focus on gut health and innovation

Novus International Inc. has partnered with biotechnology company Agrivida to enhance its focus on gut health and innovation.

“Agrivida’s novel and innovative technology allows for the delivery of feed additives in a completely unique and very sustainable way – directly inside of the grain. It is technology like this that will further show Novus’ commitment to our customers: to help them produce wholesome, affordable food in an efficient and sustainable way,” said Dan Meagher, president and CEO of Novus.

Agrivida, a privately held biotechnology company based in Massachusetts, was founded in 2003 by scientists from MIT who discovered a way to incorporate feed additives directly into corn grown for production animals. By having the additive inside of the grain, the molecules are more efficiently absorbed, and producers can improve animal performance and their bottom line.

The partnership combines Novus’ nearly 30 years of research, sales and marketing experience with Agrivida’s unique technology, allowing both companies to grow the customer base as well as explore new innovative products and solutions through research and development collaboration.

“The Agrivida team has been undertaking groundbreaking work in biotechnology innovations to express functional proteins in grain. That work has led to the development of a sustainable production platform with application potential for many types of feed additives, and we are thrilled to partner with Novus, an organization that shares our commitment to improving the world of animal health and nutrition through new technologies,” said Rajiv Singh, CEO of Agrivida.

“We believe our customers value innovative, sustainable solutions to their challenges that also improve their cost position, and they will be eager to integrate a novel technology that delivers these advantages. We look forward to bringing this technology to customers and having them join us on the journey to continue transforming our industry,” Meagher added.

Novus is making Agrivida products available to its customers in the U.S. immediately while registration is underway to expand to other countries.