EFSA publishes promising opinion on OLMIX AIBM feed additive

The scientific assessment paves the way for European registration of Algae Interspaced BentoniteMontmorillonite

The EFSA (European Feed Safety Agency) has just published its scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of the innovative material Algae Interspaced BentoniteMontmorillonite (AIBM), developed and patented by OLMIX. AIBM is a bentonite that has been modified using specific polysaccharides extracted from green algae, Ulva spp, called generically ulvans. AIBM is a ground-breaking algoclay material with an extended interlayer space that allows different interactions with various mycotoxins. This algoclay fulfills the strict requirements on in vitro aflatoxin-binding capability, as stated by EFSA.

EFSA has also assessed the safety of this innovative additive for its use on all animal species, moreover that it’s non-genotoxic and safe for consumers, and for the environment. This opinion opens the path to getting the authorization of European Commission as Substance to reduce the mycotoxin contamination in feed and opens the door to have more than one registered option when fighting against mycotoxins with an approved additive.

This is a first milestone in the strategy of Olmix to register AIBM as substance able to reduce contaminations with several mycotoxins.

As a specialist in marine biotechnology, Olmix Group brings natural sources of nutrition and good health to plants, animals and people, for a complete and consistent food and health chain, since 1995. This new achievement confirms the commitment of OLMIX Group in supplying new strategies to provide the feed industry with innovative sustainable natural solutions to manage mycotoxin risk. AIBM represents a key parameter in Olmix strategy and programs aiming at reducing the use of antibiotics in animal feeds as mycotoxins are known to reduce animal’s defenses leading to higher sensitivity to diseases and poor efficiency of therapeutic treatments or vaccination.