De Heus Animal Nutrition is expanding

The company's premix activities have been strengthened with the addition of new plants in the Netherlands and Poland

De Heus Animal Nutrition has expanded its activities in high-quality animal nutritional products and services by extending its portfolio in premixes. Globally, the agricultural landscape is changing rapidly. To be able to maintain a healthy, sustainable business, livestock entrepreneurs have to respond to these changes.

Anticipating a growing global demand for premixes, De Heus has two completely new factories—one in the Netherlands, the other in Poland. The facilities are fully dedicated to the production of premixes and designed using the most advanced technologies to allow for maximum flexibility in production.

With its expansion, the company is in a unique position to offer tailored nutritional solutions to agricultural entrepreneurs all over the world. For more than 100 years, De Heus has been a producer of complete feeds and visits customers’ companies, day in and day out. This on-the-farm approach enables De Heus to make a detailed analysis and offer strong, independent advice fully tailored to the individual customer. Combined with a chain-wide orientation and the ability to translate new knowledge quickly into practical solutions, De Heus is able to serve all nutritional farm needs. 

In Russia and Brazil, De Heus has already established a leading position in the production of premixes. The new factories have been built on the same terrain as the modern complete feed factories and state-of-the-art laboratories of De Heus. By combining these facilities, the company can continuously and critically monitor the quality of all the micro ingredients used in the premixes and control the quality of the finished product.