CoRouge approved in the EU

The formulated product has been authorized as copper(l) oxide for animal nutrition

In 2014, Animine submitted a registration dossier for the authorization of CoRouge in animal nutrition to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA). The identity, the safety (for workers, animals, consumers, the environment) and the efficacy of this nutritional feed additive have been assessed.

After two years of procedure, the scientific authority released a Positive Opinion for this new source of copper in June 2016.

On Dec. 15, Regulation (EU) 2016/2261 was published, authorizing copper(I) oxide for animal nutrition for the first time.

CoRouge is a formulated product which offers the same benefits as HiZox, a potentiated source of zinc oxide: highest metal concentrations (75%), excellent physical properties, low levels of undesirable substances, high bioavailability and animal performance. CoRouge has been tested by renowned universities in Europe and the United States.