Air pollution found to affect wheat, rice yields in India

Air pollution found to affect wheat, rice yields in India


From WATTAgNet:A new research paper, “Recent Climate and Air Pollution Impacts on Indian Agriculture” has found that air pollution in India is affecting the productivity of wheat crops. The pollution has been found to reduce the crop’s yields by almost half.Two air pollutants, black carbon and ground-level ozone, are believed to be the main culprits in decreasing wheat yields. The paper said up to 90 percent of losses were due to the effects of short-lived climate pollutants like smog. It said tropospheric ozone and black carbon have direct effects on crop yields beyond their indirect effects through climate."Emissions of black carbon and ozone precursors have risen dramatically in India over the past three decades," the paper said.The research paper analyzed yields of wheat and rice crops for 30 years, and found that air pollution caused wheat yields in densely populated areas to be 50 percent lower than 2010. Scientists examined historical data on crop yields, emissions and precipitation.Because India is a major rice exporter, the findings could have implications on global food security. 

Air pollution in India cuts wheat yields by half: Study

NEW DELHI: Air pollution in India is impacting the productivity of wheat crops, reducing it by almost half, a research paper has said. Noting that India has already been negatively affected by recent climate trends, the paper said the significant decreases in yield could be attributed to two air pollutants — black carbon and ground level ozone.

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