10 feed additive products for poultry, livestock

10 feed additive products for poultry, livestock

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New feed additive products for improved productivity and animal health

Anitox | Fortrol

  • Synergistic organic acid blend with bacteriostatic properties that offer producers highly effective control of feed-source pathogens
  • Recommended product inclusion ranges from 2 kg/MT to 8 kg/MT, offering flexibility to respond to the variable microbial risk associated with feed and feed ingredients
  • Manages feed microbial quality via low-dose application to incoming feed materials as a preventative tool or through implementation as a corrective intervention in Salmonella-positive finished feeds or feed ingredients

Phosphea | HumIPHORA

  • Offers a phosphate that provides high-quality phosphorus and contributes to a better use of other nutrients, more specifically plant‐based phosphorus
  • Reduces the incorporation of phosphate in formulas
  • Provides mineral phosphorus and controls the antinutritional effect of calcium

Manuka Biotech | Sodium Butyrate BTR 98

  • Ball-shaped granules instead of rod-shaped granules
  • High potency (>98% sodium butyrate)
  • Lower inclusion rate (250g/t for poultry diet)
  • Crystalline matrix with interwoven structure, a novel technology, enhanced coating ability
  • Easily coated to form slow-release products
  • Better CV in feed mixing homogeneity (+32%)




Nutrition Technologies | Hi.Oil

  • Black soldier fly (BSF) oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids and highly digestible
  • Natural antimicrobial properties, such as lauric acid
  • Sustainable substitute for fish meal or soybean meal in livestock, pets and aquafeed
  • It improves the feed intake, due to high palatability and volatile compounds




Wisium | T5X

  • Mycotoxins’ risk management-through-service package including control plan, analysis and mobile app for product and dosage recommendation
  • Binding: Adsorption of polar mycotoxins proven by unique in vivo and patented model
  • Detoxification: Enhancement of natural detox pathways and strong anti-oxidation
  • Immuno-stimulation: Efficient immune system activation

Quality Technology International Inc. | BacPack Q1+1

  • Highly active symbiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of a select single-strain Bacillus subtilis probiotic (Q-Biotic 1DP) and a highly functional prebiotic (IMW50)
  • Organic form available
  • Effective and economical symbiotic option for food safety and performance improvement

Enterra | EnterraProtein

  • Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) renewable insect ingredient
  • High digestibility of protein and lipids, rich in prebiotics and has essential amino acids and other key nutrients
  • Low level of chitin, the insoluble fiber that makes up the exoskeleton of the BSF grub, has shown prebiotic and antimicrobial characteristics
  • Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that makes up 40% of the oil, has shown antimicrobial benefits



  • Natural solution to support the digestive system at piglet weaning, but also during sensitive phases of fattening
  • Contains a blend of essential oils, selected for their bacteriostatic activity, as well as a combination of PhytoLanka turmeric and flavonoids, which helps preserve the integrity of the intestinal epithelium
  • Targets pathogens but spares the beneficial microbiota and contributes to maintain digestive balance


  • Alternative and sustainable solution to support gut health, improve feed efficacy and boost performance of broilers
  • First micro-encapsulation of phytogenics and phycogenics (plant and seaweed extracts), with high concentration and stability, and an optimal controlled release thanks to cutting-edge technology
  • Consistent efficacy to improve performance of broilers, in university trials or field experiments
  • Sustainable growth promoter to increase feed efficacy and reduce feed cost for poultry

Liptosa | MasterCa

  • Supply of calcium with excellent bioavailability and assimilation of the mineral
  • Provides high-quality nutritional fiber that improves feces consistency and reduce constipation
  • Plants with recognized galactagogue properties that stimulate colostrum and milk production
  • Botanicals with beneficial effect on liver functioning, reducing the risk of subclinical ketosis