Diamond V makes progress on new manufacturing facility

Company aims for plant to be operational in May 2019

Construction on Diamond V’s 97,000 square foot plant expansion has resumed at the corporate campus and global headquarters Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The initial investment in the expansion – announced in 2016 – is $30 million. When all phases of the expansion are complete, the total cost is expected to exceed $70 million.

“We’re continuing to expand to supply the needs of the industry and meet the demands of consumers who want our natural, non-antibiotic solutions,” said Diamond V Executive Vice President Mike Goble. “As we meet those needs, not only domestically but internationally, we see that growth continuing to accelerate.”

Project Manager Ryan Gusta said all the structural steel for the expansion is expected to be in place by the end of June and the new plant will be enclosed by the end of September. Machinery will be brought in around February and March of 2019 with the goal of being operational starting in May 2019.

When all systems are installed, the expansion is expected to double the current production capacity at Diamond V’s south manufacturing facilities, which includes the current 126,000 square foot plant. The plant expansion is expected to create nine new jobs initially with the potential for 26 new jobs in the next five years.