SPACE 2018 to address changes in agriculture

SPACE 2018 to address changes in agriculture

Program for this year’s exhibition will help livestock sectors confront challenges

SPACE 2018, scheduled for September 11-14 at the Rennes Exhibition Centre in Rennes, France, will help farmers address the fast-changing world of agriculture.

Livestock sectors find themselves at the heart of major challenges in a changing world. Among the many challenges are changing consumer habits, the reform of the EU’s common agriculture policy in 2020, maintaining biodiversity, competition and changes in the production regions at the global level, price volatility and work organization. Today’s society applies great pressure on production sectors, forcing farmers and their support structures to change at a rapid pace.

SPACE is there to support farmers through these changes, offer solutions and innovations, and allow all these highly pressurized actors to take a four-day breather and take advantage of a dynamic atmosphere fostering professional and friendly exchanges.

The conferences and meetings at SPACE will once again be full and varied, as more than 70 conferences and meetings have already been confirmed. For the first time this year, there will be a technical seminar on aquaculture.

More than 1,200 businesses from 36 countries are expected to exhibit at SPACE this year, including more than 130 new exhibitors. In 2017, SPACE welcomed 114,653 visitors, including 14,029 international visitors from 128 countries, which was an increase of 12 percent from 2016.

Innov’Space, Espace for the Future

Innov'Space will again this year address the strong demand of visitors who are looking to discover new products and services. The panel of experts, independent of the SPACE organizers, will meet in July to award the Innov’Space label to the companies that have filed their applications by the May 31 deadline and that meet the criteria.

The “Espace for the Future” last year had more than 20,000 visitors, up 7 percent from the previous year. This year, the “Espace for the Future” will focus on “innovation to improve working conditions.” Visitors will be able to discover tools, organizations and expertise that improve farmers’ comfort and the appeal of jobs, regardless of the sector. By sharing expertise and testimonies, with innovative equipment and new practices, the “Espace for the Future” will remind us that farmers carry out a highly varied, fulfilling job which requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. The “Espace for the Future” will also focus on the challenge of generation renewal and farmers continuing in the profession which is closely linked to improvement of working conditions.