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Top 10 largest animal feed manufacturers in Africa

The 10 largest animal feed manufacturers in Africa produced more than 7.8 million metric tons (mmt) of compound feed in 2017, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.

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The 10 largest animal feed manufacturers in Africa produced more than 7.8 million metric tons (mmt) of compound feed in 2017, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.

Seven of Africa’s largest animal feed producers are headquartered in South Africa, two are in Egypt and one is in Morocco.

Read on to find out more about the top 10 animal feed producers in Africa in 2017. Click on the company’s name to get more information from’s Top Feed Companies database.


1. RCL Foods Ltd.

RCL Foods Ltd. is one of South Africa’s largest chicken processors. The company produces animal feed through brands Epol and Molatek, which RCL merged into a single business unit in 2016. RCL also operates a robust consumer grocery division and logistics subsidiary. RCL Foods is majority owned by the holding company Remgro Ltd. The company plans to expand its feed footprint in Uganda through its recently acquired stake in the poultry producer HMH.


2. Astral Foods

Astral Foods is a poultry integrator that operates feed producers Meadow Feeds, Tiger Feeds and Africa Feeds (Zambia), as well as the vertically integrated holdings National Chicks, County Fair, Ross Poultry Breeders and Progressive Poultry. In addition to manufacture of feed and premixes, Astral’s key activities consist of broiler genetics, production and sale of day-old chicks and hatching eggs, integrated breeder and broiler production, abattoirs and the sale and distribution of various poultry brands. Fifty percent of Meadow Feeds’ production goes to Astral’s broiler operations. Feed operations are located in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia.


3. Country Bird Holdings Ltd.

Country Bird Holdings is South Africa’s third-largest poultry firm, with a 12 percent market share. Country Bird operates integrated poultry, stock feed and beef businesses, and has five feed mills in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia. Locally, Country Bird’s brands include Supreme Poultry, Nutri Feeds and Long Iron Meats. CBH operates Master Farmer Feeds in Botswana, whose subsidiary Nutri Feeds Botswana is that nation’s largest feed manufacturer. CBH also holds a 9.5 percent stake in South Africa’s Sovereign Food and operates Country Bird Logistics.


4. Epol

Epol is a leading animal feed manufacturer in South Africa. The company is a division of RCL Foods. Epol has five feed mills that produce premix and compound feed for poultry, pigs, ruminants and aqua species.


5. AFGRI Animal Feeds

AFGRI Animal Feeds is part of the South African food group AFGRI. One of South Africa’s largest animal feed producers, AFGRI Animal Feeds produces for a range of animals, including plains and exotic game.


6. Wadi Group

Wadi Group is an Egyptian conglomerate of 16 companies involved in agri-business and industrial concerns. The company’s agri-business division, Mazareh, is involved in an array of poultry operations, feed manufacturing, and fish farming. A’laf Al Wadi is the poultry feed manufacturing arm of Wadi Group. A’laf Al Wadi holds 15 percent of the Egyptian feed market, 80 percent of which is directly sold to poultry growers and distributors, while the remaining 20 percent is used to feed the company’s own poultry flocks.


7. Alf Sahel

Alf Sahel is an animal feed producer in Morocco. The company holds 30 percent of the national market and has two feed mills.


8. Wadi Feed Manufacturing Co.

Wadi Feed, a member of the Wadi Group, specializes in broiler and layer poultry feed. More than 80 percent of the production is sold directly to poultry growers, while the remaining 20 percent is sold internally to other Wadi Group subsidiaries. Wadi Feed holds 15 percent of the Egyptian feed market.



AFGRI is a broad-based agricultural company in South Africa. AFGRI operates an animal feed operation, AFGRI Animal Feeds. In addition, AFGRI provides financial services, produces agricultural retail products and oils, and provides grain management services.


10. Quantum Foods

Quantum Foods was unbundled from Pioneer Foods in 2014. The company operates several poultry concerns in Africa, including Nulaid (table eggs and layers), Tydstroom (broilers) and Nova Feeds (animal feed). Quantum Foods also incorporates Bokomo Africa and Mega Eggs in Zambia. Nova Feeds’ biggest clients, accounting for approximately 58 percent of its production, are Tydstroom and Nulaid.

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