Top 10 South American animal feed companies

The top 10 animal feed manufacturers in South America produced more than 23 million metric tons (mmt) of animal feed in 2017, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.


The top 10 animal feed manufacturers in South America produced more than 23 million metric tons (mmt) of animal feed in 2017, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.

Most of South America’s top feed companies are headquartered in Brazil, but the rest are located in Chile, Venezuela and Colombia.

Read on to find out more about the top 10 animal feed producers in South America in 2017. Click on the company’s name to get more information from’s Top Feed Companies database.


1. BRF

BRF, the former Brasil Foods, is a Brazilian integrator and one of the largest compound feed manufacturers in the world. While most of the company’s feed is used for its own broiler and hog production, it sells a small amount to other companies. BRF was created from the merger of Sadia and Perdigao. The company’s exports now reach more than 150 countries worldwide. BRF employs more than 105,000 employees at 35 industrial units in Brazil, 16 abroad (nine in Argentina, four in Thailand, one in the United Kingdom, one in Holland and one in the United Arab Emirates) and 40 distribution centers. BRF produced 10.5 mmt of animal feed in 2017.


2. Agrosuper Group

Agrosuper is Chile’s top poultry producer and exporter, holding about 67.5 percent of the domestic market share for chicken and nearly 100 percent for turkey. The company also produces salmon and pork, operating five feed mills to serve its integrated businesses. Agrosuper produces for retail markets in Chile and for export. Agrosuper Group produced 3.4 mmt of animal feed in 2017.


3. JBS S.A.

JBS operates at least 44 feed mills for chicken and pork production through JBS USA, and operates on all continents. In North America, the company owns controlling interest in Pilgrim’s Pride, which operates extensively in the U.S. and Mexico with capacity to process more than 34 million birds per week. JBS produced 3 mmt of animal feed at its 49 feed mills in 2017.


4. Aurora Alimentos

Aurora Alimentos is a group of 13 affiliated Brazilian agricultural cooperatives that manufacture pork, poultry, dairy, pasta, vegetables and supplements for animal feed. Aurora exports to about 70 countries worldwide. The company operates 14 producing units: six poultry, seven pork and one dairy. In addition to its own feed production, the company purchases 540,000 tons of feed from affiliated cooperatives annually. The company produced 1.4 mmt of animal feed at its 14 feed mills in 2017.


5. Marfrig Global Foods

Marfrig Global Foods is a major integrated world supplier of animal proteins, with operations in 12 countries and offices in South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. Its activities are organized into two divisions: Keystone and Beef. The Keystone Division, based in the U.S., supplies higher-value protein products to the fast food, retail and food processing industries. The division operates across seven U.S. states and five countries in Asia and Oceania. Marfrig’s Beef Division, based in Brazil and with a strong presence in foreign markets, is one of the world’s largest beef producers, with special focus on premium beef and lamb exports. Marfrig produced almost 1.1 mmt of animal feed at its 27 feed mills in 2017.


6. Grupo La Caridad

Grupo La Caridad includes subsidiaries involved in poultry breeding (Genetica Avicola), broiler chicks (La Caridad), table eggs (Granja La Caridad) and broiler meat (Servicios Avicolas) as well as feed (Alimentos La Caridad and Alimentos Super S), cattle fattening (Agropecuaria Dona Flora) and pork production (Agroporc and Servipork). The company is the largest pig producer in the country. Grupo La Caridad produced just over 1 mmt of animal feed in 2017.


7. GTFoods Group

GTFoods Group, one of Brazil’s top 10 poultry exporters, exports to more than 70 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela — although the latter’s import capacity has drastically declined amid recent social upheaval. The company produced 1 mmt of animal feed at four feed mills in 2017.


8. Italcol

Italcol manufactures feed and premixes for a wide range of species, including livestock, equine, fish and pets. It operates eight feed mills in Colombia, one in Panama and one in Ecuador. The company produced 1 mmt of animal feed in 2017.


9. Agrobueyca

Agrobueyca is a privately owned group involved in production of farm feeds, poultry and pigs. The company produced 480,000 metric tons (mt) of animal feed in 2017.


10. Alibem

Alibem is an integrated pig producer and exporter of pork products, receiving pigs from 900 producers. Alibem produced 366,000 mt of animal feed in 2017.

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