Bühler announces expansion

In collaboration with endeco, Bühler opens a new Protein Application Center.

Swiss technology group Bühler, has inaugurated the Protein Application Center in collaboration with endeco, marking a significant expansion in its food innovation capabilities in Uzwil. This cutting-edge facility integrates the entire protein value chain, offering solutions from raw materials, such as pulses or grains to finished consumer products such as meat replacements.

The center boasts dry and wet processing options for plant proteins, providing comprehensive support to customers in developing diverse products, including meat substitutes and beverages. Spanning 300 square meters, the center facilitates small-scale and industrial testing, enabling the optimization of protein processing from field to consumer products. The partnership with endeco enhances Bühler's capabilities, combining expertise and advanced technology for efficient and sustainable protein development. The center also features innovative protein isolation processes, collaborating with Flottweg and MMS, enabling the production of highly functional proteins with increased yield and purity.

With a focus on sustainability, the Protein Application Center positions itself as a one-stop shop for customers seeking to create groundbreaking, plant-based products.

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