Vytelle and Blocktrust partner on cattle feed efficiency

The partnership will focus on feed-efficient genetics, offering new opportunities for small-scale beef producers.

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Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke | Pixabay

Vytelle, an independent IVF company known for its extensive feed efficiency database, has announced a strategic partnership with Blocktrust Network, a cutting-edge API-driven blockchain platform. This collaboration is a pioneering effort in the feeder cattle market, aimed at enhancing transparency and efficiency in the beef supply chain.

The partnership will utilize Vytelle's expertise in identifying feed efficient genetics to develop tools that assess feed efficiency among feeder cattle groups through the Blocktrust Network's blockchain technology. This initiative is expected to provide buyers with valuable insights into cattle value, highlighting the superior worth of calves sired by bulls from breeding programs focused on enhancing feed efficiency. This aspect is crucial for profitability and sustainability in cattle feeding.

Kerryann Kocher, CEO of Vytelle, expressed excitement about the collaboration, underscoring Vytelle's history in capturing detailed phenotypic feed intake and growth data globally. The collaboration aims to build markets that recognize the value of premium genetics, potentially increasing demand for progeny from Vytelle's seedstock customers.

Gregg Barfield, CEO of Blocktrust Network, highlighted the transformative potential of blockchain technology across various sectors. He emphasized that the collaboration would enable individual classification of cattle based on genetics and performance, opening up market opportunities and value for smaller producers to engage in quality-focused, sustainable supply chains.

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