Haarslev and Grön Fuels form alliance

Haarslev and Grön Fuels establish partnership

Partnership tackles strategic feedstock, marketing and investment initiatives

Haarslev announced today that it has entered a strategic marketing and investment alliancewith Gron Fuels, a subsidiary of Fidelis New Energy. The alliance pairs the leading meat, poultry and fish rendering and processing equipment manufacturer with the world’s first carbon negative sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant utilizing proven technologies from leading global companies.

Haarslev is the world’s number one provider of rendering and related processing solutions, offering the most reliable and efficient machinery available across meat, poultry, fish rendering and processing industries, holding a global footprint with manufacturing facilities across America, Europe and Asia, and sales offices in 21 countries and sales representatives in 28 countries worldwide.

Grön Fuels 65,000 barrel per day sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) and renewable diesel (“RD”) plant will serve global customers in need of low or negative carbon transportation fuels. Located at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Grön Fuels is designed to use all traditional renewable feedstocks, including fats, oils and greases, as well as emerging feedstocks such as camelina, carinata and algae oil. The Grön Fuels GigaSystem also includes biogenic carbon capture and sequestration (“BECCS”) and carbon negative power (“CNP”) facilities that will further reduce the carbon intensity of the SAF and RD produced from all feedstocks. Grön Fuel’s GigaSystem is ideal to utilize the non-food low-CI feedstock produced by Haarslev’s superior technology and is expected to start production in 2025.

This alliance establishes a preferred marketing and investment relationship, where Haarslev and Grön Fuels jointly approach and evaluate potential rendering by-product and investment opportunities. Grön Fuels may provide capital in exchange for product and Haarslev may provide rendering equipment to the potential rendering facility for a collaborative, high return, value proposition that reduces risk and expands value for rendering parties.

This relationship will encompass North American rendering projects within Haarslev’s development pipeline across all species of rendering processing. Together, Haarslev, with its best in class rendering equipment technologies that guarantee throughput and maximize quality and yield performance, combined with leveraging the Grön Fuels’ low or negative carbon GigaSystem, can provide a unique combination of capital, reliable by-product solution, logistical advantage and value creation to businesses across North America.

Troels Svendsen, Haarslev president. noted, “Our commitment to be leading in solutions for the sustainable feed and food is expanding with our new strategic alliance with Grön Fuels, the leader in renewable fuels. It fits with our strong focus on taking care of tomorrow and our ESG goals. We believe this alliance will bring tremendous value to our customers, communities and stakeholders as we move into further value escalation and upcycling of the products derived from non-food and rendering processing.”

Brian Carter, Grön Fuels president noted, “We are excited to collaborate with the world’s leading provider of rendering and processing equipment in the sourcing and production of non-food, low carbon feedstocks in Grön Fuels’ production of SAF and RD.”  Greg Smith, SVP, Commercial & Logistics added, “This new strategic Alliance provides a holistic solution for rendered products with an expansive North American reach for all new and existing rendering operations, providing unique value creation throughout the renderer’s business, from equipment to renewable fuels feedstock.”




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