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Advanced Ag Products launches Canadian division

Advanced Ag Products expands

Expands availability of innovative feed technology solutions

Canadian farmers across cattle, swine and poultry sectors are poised to benefit from an expanded availability of innovative feed technology solutions supporting animal health, performance and profitability.

U.S.-based Advanced Ag Products has announced the official launch of a new Canadian division for the company out of Lethbridge, Alberta, with a network serving farmers across key production regions. Advanced Ag Products kicked off the official launch at the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada, May 10-12 in Saskatoon – a dynamic conference that brings together feed industry representatives from across the country to share the latest science and innovation shaping the industry.

“It’s very fitting to officially launch our Canadian division at a conference that puts the spotlight on science and how science-based innovations are driving the feed industry of the future,” said Nick Korver, named as general manager of the new Canadian division. “We believe strongly in supporting producers with the best naturally derived, science-backed technologies that fit the needs of today’s fast-evolving industry. This will be our focus as our enhanced Canadian activities bring Advanced Ag Products solutions to more farmers, with support and service to optimize results and get more out of every feed dollar.”

Next-generation solutions for health and performance

The Canton, South Dakota-headquartered company has been a pioneer of all-natural feed additive products for livestock for more than 30 years. It has now strengthened its winning  formula of combining unique cost effective, research-tested, producer-approved solutions with strong direct farmer support.

Newly launched Advanced Ag Products Canada brings top technologies such as the company’s signature By-O-reg+ product line to farms north of the border. The portfolio also includes certified organic options.

“We are excited to bring new options to Canadian producers,” said Korver. “By-O-reg+ is a leading example of the type of feed solution increasingly favored by the marketplace. It gives farmers a new option in their toolbox to help get the most value out of their feeding strategy.”

Boosting gut health and more

By-O-reg+ is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aids in the health, growth and production of livestock. The By-O-reg+ product line utilizes a time release conglomeration technology, known as CF20 coating technology, that allows for a delayed release of essential oils throughout the entire GI tract, as a result promoting gut health.

“This technology represents the way of the future – with proven benefits as an established option in this space now further refined in its latest generation,” said Dr. James Caldwell, vice president, research and technical services with Advanced Ag Products. “There has been a growing body of research pointing to the pivotal importance of gut health to the success of livestock operations. Our specific formulas combine innovation and high-quality ingredients, with both functional and synergistic benefits to address this opportunity and more. Gut health is an investment not an expense.”

Driving progress for Canadian producers

The future for science-based innovative solutions is bright following a unique and at times challenging period over the past year for many livestock sectors, said Korver.

“As farmers reset and reload, our focus is ramping up to give them the best options and support possible. We see the remainder of 2022 as a time of rising opportunity where farmers adopting the best feed technology options will have excellent potential to reach new levels of success,” he said.

Advanced Ag Products including newly launched Advanced Ag Products Canada is an innovative all-natural nutraceutical company specializing in feed supplements for all classes of monogastric and ruminant species.

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