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Bioiberica reaffirms commitment to quality

Bioiberica partners with Mill Tech making commitment to quality

Partners with Mill Tech in the Republic of Korea

Bioiberica, a global life science company committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals and plants, announces a new strategic agreement with Mill Tech for the exclusive distribution of its hydrolysed protein range for animal nutrition, Palbio, in South Korea. The agreement comes after the successful fulfilment of rigorous export requirements to the country, enabled by Bioiberica’s robust production process, which ensures the biosecurity of its entire animal nutrition portfolio. This move marks a milestone in the companies’ long-standing strategic partnership, solidifying its collective offering in South Korea. The companies have been working together for several years to distribute Bioiberica’s Nucleoforce range used to support the immunological and intestinal health of farm animals and aquaculture species.

Palbio 50 RD is now authorised for distribution in more than 40 countries, including the recent addition of South Korea. It is a safe source of high-quality hydrolysed proteins in the form of L-α-amino acids and bioactive peptides. Palbio 50 RD have been shown to positively affect the intestinal health of young animals, improving digestion and feed intake to ensure productive improvements in pig, poultry and fish. In addition, Palbio 50 RD is highly palatable and easily digested by all farm animal species and manufactured via innovative and strictly controlled processes to meet regulatory requirements for the use of animal proteins in feed to protect public health.

A strategic market for Bioiberica, South Korea has some of the highest regulatory standards for animal nutrition products. As such, only the highest quality products are eligible for sale in the country,” says Joan Bassa, business units director of Heparin Science, Animal Nutrition and Plant Health at Bioiberica. Thanks to our commitment to quality and transparency, alongside Mill Tech Co., Inc’s collaboration in this complex process, we have been able to successfully evidence Palbio’s compliance to launch these highly effective raw materials in South Korea. The success of our partnership further highlights the critical importance of collaboration in bringing products to new markets, and we look forward to continuing to grow our business and expertise together.”

Dr. HB Lee, CEO of Mill Tech adds: “We’re delighted to have expanded our partnership with Bioiberica, working together to bring Palbio to the South Korean market. We are convinced that our customers’ needs will be more than met through Palbio, thanks to its primary effects in animals, as well as the value delivered via its assured biosecurity. Together, our combined knowledge of livestock health and safety, new product innovation, and market regulatory standards positions both Mill Tech Co. and Bioiberica as partners of choice for South Korean companies seeking animal nutrition solutions.”

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