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Cherkizovo to add pig farms, increase feed mill capacity

Company also plans to ramp up the capacity of its feed mill in the Pervomaysky District that supplies feed to Tambov Turkey.

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Project will increase annual pork capacity by 45,000 tons of meat

Cherkizovo Group is planning to invest RUB8.5 billion (US$112.2 million) in new pig farms in the Tambov Region. The project will enable the company to increase its annual pork capacity by more than 45,000 tons of meat. Cherkizovo also intends to invest more than RUB4 billion in ramping up the local feed mill.

Maxim Yegorov, acting head of the Tambov Region Administration, and Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group, recently discussed the company’s further development in the region, including a project to create new modern pig farms in the Pervomaysky District. Cherkizovo is planning to build four finisher sites, each capable of accommodating 40,000 pigs.

The project’s capital expenditures are estimated at RUB8.5 billion. The new sites will enable Cherkizovo Group to increase pork output by more than 45,000 tons of meat per year. The existing pig farms in central Russia today can produce more than 300,000 of meat.

Along with building the new pig farms in the Tambov Region, Cherkizovo plans to ramp up the capacity of its feed mill that is also located in the Pervomaysky District. It supplies feed to the bird houses of Tambov Turkey (part of Cherkizovo Group). After the launch of additional capacities in 2023, the mill is expected to reach the output of 60-80 tons of feed per hour. The group’s capital expenditures in this project will exceed RUB4 billion.

The construction of pig farms and the feed mill ramp-up will help create 200 new jobs in the Tambov Region.

“In the next few years, Cherkizovo plans to significantly increase its meat processing volumes, which means that we are going to need additional pig farms. For their construction, we have opted for the Tambov Region thanks to its sound investment climate and many years of successful projects in pork, poultry, crop and feed production,” Mikhailov said.

“The investment projects announced by Cherkizovo will strengthen the role of the Tambov Region as Russia’s major food hub. We pay special attention to cooperation with investors who intend to evolve in step with the region and provide them with comprehensive support. We seek to ensure the most favorable investment conditions for them. The agreements reached today will be formalized at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,” Yegorov said.

Since 2013, Cherkizovo has invested more than RUB15 billion in the region, with the company’s local production sites now employing nearly 2,500 people.

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