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Protekta becomes exclusive Canadian distributor of Creamino

Protekta becomes Canadian distributor of Creamino

New creatine precursor enables poultry producers to improve feed conversion, reduce diet costs

Protekta is excited to announce they have become the exclusive Canadian distributor of Creamino, the first and only registered guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) product for use in poultry feeds. Through a new partnership with AlzChem, Protekta will offer Creamino, a creatine precursor feed additive to improve feed conversion and reduce expensive, energy-rich ingredients such as oil or soy.

“We are thrilled to provide poultry nutritionists with a unique tool to improve animal performance by partnering with AlzChem,” says Morten Jakobsen, Protekta CEO and founder. “Creamino enhances our product portfolio, a curation of the latest, one-of-a-kind technologies for the livestock industry.”

The need for creatine

Creatine could be called the “battery pack of the cell” – it’s a molecule that provides cells with essential energy. Muscle, heart, brain, sperm and immune cells need high levels of creatine. The body can create some creatine on its own, however it doesn’t create enough to meet demands.

Modern feeds don’t provide sufficient amounts of creatine, so it must be added. Creatine itself can’t be added to diets because it’s not heat or moisture stable. GAA, the direct precursor of creatine in the body, is the only effective way to elevate creatine levels in the muscle.

The next feed industry evolution

Creamino is administered to animals via feed and approved for feeding rates of 600 to 1,200 grams per metric ton. Normally the body synthesizes GAA, consuming important nutrients and energy (glycine and arginine) in the process. By consuming Creamino through feed, the animal can conserve nutrients and energy. Direct consumption of Creamino ensures a stable creatine supply in the body, for muscle, brain activity and immune function. This mode also spares other ingredients, such as arginine, which then become available for other biological processes.

The feed industry has made many advancements – from adding synthetic nutrients to fill nutritional gaps, to optimizing feed absorption and gut health. Creamino is the beginning of the next evolutionary step – making energy readily available on a cellular level, where it is needed for many body functions, including muscle growth, immune system function and reproduction.

Conserve costs, boost animal performance

Creamino improves feed conversion and can reduce the proportion of expensive, energy-rich ingredients (e.g., oil or soy) necessary in poultry diets.

Additional benefits of Creamino include:

  • More robust immune systems
  • Increased tolerance during periods of heat stress
  • Lower mortality rates

“Poultry nutritionists can use Creamino to reduce feed costs, increase animal performance, efficiency and ability to fight stressors,” says Jakobsen. “Creamino can help improve poultry profitability and offers sustainable animal health and growth.”

Creamino is available now for poultry nutritionists and producers.

Visit to learn more about Creamino. Contact Protekta at 888-822-3135 to purchase Creamino.

Protekta is the exclusive Canadian distributor for AlzChem and North American partner of Vilofoss, leading innovators in agriculture and animal health with over a century of dedication to producers worldwide. Protekta is committed to supplying high-quality products that raise industry standards.

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