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Cogent Solutions Group experiences growth, expands production

Cogent experiences growth due to acquisition.

Company’s growth aided by Biozyme acquisition, both companies benefitting

Through production of all-natural supplements for joint, skin, and gastric care, Cogent Solutions Group has been on the forefront of animal and human health since 2005. BioZyme Incorporated, Saint Joseph, Missouri, acquired Cogent Solutions Group in 2018, resulting in growth for both companies.

“The acquisition has been mutually beneficial for both parties. Cogent has certainly grown and benefitted from the expertise as far as BioZyme’s animal health knowledge is concerned as well as industry connections. But mostly the vision that they offer through the company culture,” said Jill Vanover, Director of Operations, Research and Development for Cogent Solutions.

Just as Cogent has grown from the acquisition, BioZyme has also benefitted from the partnership, Vanover explains.

“Cogent’s manufacturing expertise really lies in its ability to formulate and produce liquid products across varying degrees of viscosity; so, things from thin liquids all the way up to very thick gels. We have the ability to fill in multiple container sizes and types, single and multi-dose, oral dosing syringes, smaller cosmetic sizes, all the way up to gallons and beyond.”

Since Cogent has such varied expertise and opportunities to manufacture and package a variety of products, part of their growth is due to custom liquid and gel orders. In addition to their own line of human and animal products, they also manufacture all of BioZyme’s liquids and gels.

With growth comes opportunity. This spring, Cogent, located in Lexington, Kentucky, had the opportunity to move to a more expansive facility. The move occurred in May and created a larger and more efficient manufacturing space for the company. According to Vanover, the new facility tripled Cogent’s manufacturing footprint and doubled its production capacity. In addition to the space, Cogent also increased it batch volume capacity for increased efficiency.

“We are in team building mode so we can reach our full potential,” Vanover said. “We’re small, but mighty! We’re in the process of increasing our production team so we can run several products on multiple lines at the same time.” 

Currently, Cogent employs a total of eight employees, with one of those working in Marketing in the Missouri office. That leaves the remaining seven to handle orders, inventory, production and shipping. 

“Our new facility is a grand opportunity for us. We have big plans to review and expand our toll manufacturing abilities to help us grow and help us form new business relationships. We also have some new product development ideas in the works for the near future,” Vanover said.

Finally, with the expansion of space and growth of its team, Cogent had one more efficiency it wanted to improve in 2020 – a more user-friendly website. Its website, once housed on several platforms, is getting an overhaul. Moving to one platform, with a facelift and increased efficiencies, the redesign has successfully launched. The site, has a fresh look, be easier to navigate and simpler for customers to place their orders for products.

Growth is good for the sister companies of BioZyme Inc. and Cogent Solutions Group. The two companies rely on each other’s strengths to maximize their potential while caring for humans and animals. That’s care that comes full circle.

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