Will insect farming ever become mainstream?

Insect farming is a good concept, but will it fail in the end?

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Some experts believe the concept of insect farming is just a fad.

Insect farming for protein and fat inclusion in farm animal feeds has been making much noise during the past few of years. So many startups and pilot projects along with much research have created the impression that insect-based ingredients are already a staple ingredient in animal feeds – or, at least, they are about the make their big debut worldwide, and save the day.

In fact, the truth is that insect farming is still in its infancy, if only because there has not been enough funding (or interest) to take pilot efforts of startup companies to commercial scale. Beyond that, research is already there supporting the use of insects as a valuable part of future animal feeds. Thus, the question is, why there is not much interest in commercializing this concept fast enough?

Some experts believe the whole concept of insect farming is just a fad that will soon pass as it has been pushed mainly by political/social interests and not genuine farming backing. Some even go a step further, comparing insect farming with lab-grown meat equivalents, or even plant-based meat imitation products. The idea is that all such concepts are fashion/time related and will soon disappear like so many other interesting ideas.

There is also a group of animal nutrition professionals that question the marketability of food products produced by animals fed insects. I do not need to elaborate here, but there is enough bad press about our business out there and many interested groups that look for another opportunity to talk against us. The question is whether consumers will be willing to buy foods produced by insect feeding. We must keep in mind that the general public is far removed from any agricultural background, and save the few fashion-driven individual groups, the majority are looking for safety and low cost when it comes to their foods.

What is my insignificant opinion? I tend to lean toward insect farming becoming a good concept that will fail at the commercial end of it – like so many others. And, this is why I have opted not to get involved much with it, but I have been asked about my opinion several times, and now you have it.

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