InVivo acquires Popular Feedmill Corp.

Deal allows company to further expand into southeast Asia

InVivo NSA has acquired Popular Feedmill Corporation in the Philippines. This acquisition demonstrates InVivo NSA’s desire to develop its industrial presence and investments in southeast Asia where it already holds strong positions in several countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Popular Feedmill Corporation, which built its first factory in 1995, employs about 500 people. The company has two production sites including a recently opened site in Bulacan near Manila and another in Cebu. The company produces approximately 150,000 tonnes of pig, poultry, aquaculture, and pet feed per year. InVivo NSA has strong expertise in the latter in Mexico and Brazil and possible synergies between the three countries are being explored.

Through this acquisition, InVivo NSA will have industrial, technical and commercial means to provide a product and service offering adapted to market stakes: complete feed, aquaculture, pet food and subsequently premix, additives and specialties, analysis laboratories, and animal health.

This global positioning will allow Popular Feedmill Corporation to rely on countries close to the company in the area (China, Vietnam, and Indonesia) and benefit from key synergies serving its growth. The company’s cross-cutting skills and expertise worldwide (innovation, procurement of raw materials, formulation, technical support, and marketing) will also allow it to optimize functioning and operations.

“The acquisition of Popular Feedmill Corporation confirms our willingness to develop on the rapidly growing markets of southeast Asia,” said Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of InVivo NSA. “It will also allow us to diversify and strengthen our revenue sources in the area to continue to build an even more efficient and resilient corporate business model.”