AB Vista shares phytase and xylanase research at Poultry India

A suite of phytase and xylanase trials were showcased by AB Vista at Poultry India, revealing a new mode of action insights – with the company’s technical experts explaining how the results can be translated into improvements across feed strategy design.

The research was presented from 28th to 30th November, with Global Services Director Dr. Hadden Graham and Technical & Commercial General Manager (India) Dr. Dinesh Bhosale discussing the scientific theory and related practical applications.

Explaining that the results may have significant implications for enzyme selection, Dr. Bhosale outlines a key NSPase research finding:

“In an in vitro poultry study, xylanase was shown to increase the capacity of bacteria inside the caeca to digest fiber. This in turn resulted in the production of greater quantities of volatile fatty acids, including butyrate – which is essential for optimal intestinal function.

“These results suggest that the effects of NSPases extend beyond fibre degradation and oligosaccharide fermentation, into long-term physiological changes within the microbiome. Naturally, this knowledge could influence producers’ choices of enzyme.”

Dr. Bhosale explains that the results of recent phytase trials could similarly impact on ways in which the enzymes are incorporated into performance-based nutritional strategies:

“The practice of using high doses of phytase to break down phytate (IP6) is now fairly commonplace – but we’ve been delving deeper into the importance of breaking down the lower esters (IP5 – IP1), to enable the digestion of IP1 and subsequent production of inositol.

“This process is critical: our broiler trials demonstrated that one-third of FCR benefit observed with phytase superdosing was caused by inositol provision. Understanding such fine detail empowers producers and nutritionists to make informed decisions when selecting enzymes, to ensure optimum performance benefit.”

In order to help companies understand the phytate levels in their diets, AB Vista has produced the industry’s first phytate reference guide. Containing information on phytic-P levels across a range of raw materials, the guide can be downloaded at bit.ly/2SZOm9g.