New company involving Kay Flo animal nutrients assets forms

The animal nutrients businessformerly run under third-generation company Kay Flo, has been reorganized undera new name, Kay Dee LLC.

The animal nutrients business formerly run under third-generation company Kay Flo, has been reorganized under a new name, Kay Dee LLC.

A.W. Lohry founded Kay Dee Feed in 1928, which evolved into Kay Flo in the 1970s. Eric Lohry, A.W. Lohry’s grandson, has acquired all assets of the animal nutrients business, which now encompasses a family of brands that includes Nutraferma, Kay Dee Feed, UltraPhos, NF Protein and DPS.

“We are excited to be able to build upon a long tradition of customer focus, product innovation and intensive research and development,” Eric Lohry said. “Our single mission now will be to create technologically advanced and research-proven products for the animal feed industry.”

Kay Dee LLC was formed in concurrence with the sale of Kay Flo, which was announced on May 18. Kay Dee LLC will retain all related animal nutrient companies, product lines and facilities.

Lohry said the sale of the fertilizer side of the business will allow the newly formed company to continue its legacy in a more focused and strategic way.

Kay Dee owns and operates five manufacturing facilities; two are in Sioux City, Iowa, and one is in Nevada, Missouri. The other two are joint-venture facilities, located in North Sioux City, South Dakota, and Jiangsu, China.

“This exciting change will offer a real advantage to our customers,” Lohry said. “What we were great at before, we will become even better going forward – we have exciting expansion plans right on the horizon.”  

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