2020 New Product Reveal: 55 feed industry innovations

2020 New Product Reveal: 55 feed industry innovations

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Product showcase highlights the latest animal feed industry technologies, feed additives.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of nearly all in-person trade exhibitions serving the global animal feed industry. The 2020 New Product Reveal aims to highlight the latest feed-focused technologies introduced to the market in the last 12 months or so. In a typical year, many decision-makers would have been introduced to these products by a sales representative in person or at a trade show, but, given the circumstances, instead Feed Strategy provides a comprehensive collection of the latest product and service offerings.

Additius | Addiyell 6%

  • Highest concentration of a Natural Yellow pigment for poultry on the market
  • Formulated with flavoring agents as antioxidants
  • Approved for Label Rouge feed
  • Tailor-made mixtures with its Natural Red pigment too


Adiveter, S.L. | Adifarm

  • Exclusive combination of butyric acid active ingredients together with other organic acids and essential oils to ensure intestinal microbial balance
  • Maintains intestinal health by promoting the balance of the intestinal microbiota by controlling the main pathogens
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial endogenous bacteria, the absorption of nutrients and digestion and intestinal integrity
  • Beneficial effects throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract


Alltech | Bio-Mos 2

  • Yeast-based prebiotic that drives cattle health and performance, especially during periods of high stress
  • Enhanced, second generation
  • Maximizes gastrointestinal integrity and stability
  • Aids in nutrient utilization to optimize average daily gain


AlzChem Trostberg GmbH | Creamino®

  • Creatine source
  • Energy buffer ATP/ADP metabolism to provide additional energy for healthy growth
  • Improvement of BWG + muscle meat yield
  • Energy sparing


Andrés Pintaluba | APSAGUT TOTAL

  • Blend of MCFA and coated essential oils, focused on swine de-medicalization programs
  • Promotion of intestinal health and intestinal barrier integrity
  • High efficiency as a modulator of intestinal microflora
  • Contrasted results in field trials


Anpario plc | Orego-Stim TD

  • Provides a source of 100% natural oregano essential oil on a dextrose carrier, designed for individual sow management and easy on-farm application by daily top dressing on to sow diets
  • Supports sow gut health to help optimize nutrient absorption and feed efficiency
  • Maintains sow body condition, especially useful in parity one and two, and supports optimal sow lactation performance.
  • Improves piglet health and reduced medication use, improved lifetime performance


Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production | CERTILLUS Targeted Microbial Solutions™

  • Uses strains of Bacillus targeted to combat pathogens on dairies
  • Reformulated as part of Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production’s Microbial Terroir™ process, which analyzes samples of manure and forages from across the nation to reassess and characterize the diversity of clostridia and other pathogenic threats
  • Findings used to develop a combination of proprietary Bacillus strains – including several newly discovered strains recently added to the portfolio –best suited to address the prevalent pathogens in a region
  • Allows dairies of all sizes to utilize the most current Bacillus technologies on their operation


Automation Products, Inc. | DJ Level Switch

  • Field-proven, handles high or low point level detection of bulk solids successfully
  • Maintain consistent results
  • No moving parts, factory calibrated
  • Simple installation on hopper, silos and bins


Berg+Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG | LipoVital

  • Broad active spectrum against different bacteria and virus
  • Providing energy supply
  • Supporting the gut flora
  • Tailor-made products available


Bioiberica | Nucleoforce Livestock

  • Supports early maturation of digestive and immune system in piglets and broilers
  • Carryover effect sow to piglet
  • Proven effect on body weight gain and FRC in early-stage broilers
  • Proven effect on the incidence of diarrhea in piglets


Canadian Bio-Systems | Maxi-Nutrio® 

  • Fortified with proprietary yeast bioactive technology
  • Source of bioavailable yeast carbohydrates
  • Strengthens intestinal health to help withstand enteric challenges
  • Approved for use in organic and RWA systems



  • Natural feed solution, alternative to antibiotics, for the control of a balanced intestinal flora and the improvement of the integrity and functioning of the digestive tract
  • Contributes to the health of the intestinal epithelium
  • Regulates transit and improves animal growth
  • Contributes to the limitation of zinc releases into the environment and to demedication for a reduction of the use of antibiotics


D&D Ingredient Distributors, Inc. | SynTech™ RGI

  • Probiotic and prebiotic power for dairy and beef cattle
  • Helping sustain animal performance under “stacking effect” of multiple stressors
  • Patented live yeast strain with prebiotic MOS and beta-glucans
  • Two proven, stable, probiotic Bacillus species


Enzyme Innovation | SEBoost

  • Bioactive immunomodulator
  • Promotes the immune defense system for monogastrics
  • Helps minimize immunosuppression
  • Supports prevention during an outbreak


Evonik Operations GmbH | AMINONIR®

  • Precise NIR analytics in your hand, when and where you need it
  • Easy to use: no sample preparation, no laboratory needed
  • Can be used to analyze more than 40 feed ingredients and finished feeds
  • Reports provide all necessary nutritional parameters to optimize your feed formulation and control your feed quality


Evonik Operations GmbH | Ecobiol® Fizz

  • Fast effects on microbiota in stressful periods such as feed changes or vaccinations and when feed intake is low
  • Easy dosing of one tablet per 1,000 L drinking water and flexible usage according to animal needs
  • Homogeneously distributed in water even after several hours
  • Reduced biofilm formation and clogging


Evonik Nutrition & Care | Porphyrio®

  • Poultry management software based on IoT, Big Data, Biostatistics and AI
  • Collects data from any data source in a way that suits every customer
  • Monitors daily flock performance to manage and detect problems at an early stage
  • Predicts the outcome of the process, like end weight for broilers, egg production for layers and breeders, hatchability for breeders, egg mass for layers


EW Nutrition | Grippozon

  • Mucolytic, easing the respiratory process
  • Fast acting to provide quick relief in challenging situations
  • Excellent water mixability, ensuring high bioavailability
  • Standardized to provide consistent, reliable benefits


Finna Sensors | OMNIR On-Line Near Infrared Moisture Sensor

  • Accurately measures moisture, instantaneously and non-destructively, to ensure increased uptime and greater profitability
  • System continuously reports on 19 internal points to monitor sensor health and keep operation running smoothly
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions and can be used on screw conveyors, belts, chutes, silos or even lab environments
  • Cloud-based updates


Flint Hills Resources | NexPro® Protein

  • Fermented corn protein with a high protein concentration (50%)
  • Enriched with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast (inactive)
  • Consistent quality and supply with research proven results for application in a wide range of diet formulations
  • Sustainable alternative of plant and animal proteins that is free of allergens and anti-nutritional factors present in soybean-based ingredients


FRA®melco | FRA® Glycerides

  • Effective pathogen control for AGP reductions
  • Stimulate intestinal health for lower FCR
  • Optimize natural body defense to lower mortality


Hamlet Protein A/S | FiberStart

  • Rich in digestible protein and low in content of anti-nutritional factors
  • 19% higher butyric acid production
  • Better hindgut fermentation and organic acids production
  • Same high growth performance as when using zinc oxide at pharmaceutical level in nursery pigs


HealthTech BioActives (HTBA) | Bioflavex

  • Rich citrus flavonoids complex made from bitter orange and grapefruit
  • Acts directly and effectively in the gut as an antioxidant, immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory in monogastric animals
  • Contributes to the regulation of the intestinal microbiota in chickens, limiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and consequently, facilitating the development of beneficial bacterial populations
  • Improves and stabilizes rumen fermentation and acidity in cattle, modulating eating behavior, reduces stress, and agonistic and sexual interactions, improving animal welfare


Industria Italiana Integratori TREI S.p.A, a LIVISTO company | IMMUNITY STIM

  • Liquid oral solution composed of phytogenic ingredients that act as health promoters in poultry
  • Acts as antioxidant, intestinal barrier protector and immuno-stimulant to combat health challenges
  • Recommended in vaccination programs and health challenges
  • No withdrawal time, no resistances and no toxicity


Innovad | Cerebra

  • Controls Streptococcus suis and meningitis
  • Triggers immune stimulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Exerts anti-bacterial and anti-pathogenic activity


Innovad | Myco-Marker Service

  • Measures the risk of mycotoxins with a feed analysis
  • Measures the impact of toxins on the animal with a blood analysis
  • Provides combined interpretation of risk (feed) and impact (blood biomarkers)


Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health EMENA | KESSENT® M

  • Source of metabolizable methionine for ruminants
  • 75% DL-Methionine/>90% Rumen Escape/>90% Intestinal Availability/>608 g of MP Methionine/kg of product
  • High product stability when the product is handles, included in a total mixed ration or in a premix vitamin and delivered/supplied at farm level
  • Formulate diets with higher efficiency, precision, health, and sustainability by reducing nitrogen, phosphorus and CO2-eq excretion while improving production performance


Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America | VANNIX™ C4

  • Unique combination of phytogenic ingredients and probiotics, featuring tannic acid extract – a novel hydrolysable tannin – and a patented strain of probiotic, Bacillus subtilis PB6
  • Supports intestinal integrity by reducing lesions due to coccidiosis 1 and 2 and necrotic enteritis 3 and helps coccidiosis-vaccinated poultry maintain performance
  • Improves overall gut health, which can lead to improved performance
  • Contains standardized active ingredient levels to ensure consistent response


KSE Process Technology B.V. | ALFRA Box Dosing System

  • Automates the preparation of micro-ingredients for animal feed production
  • Accurate, reliable and fast micro-dosing
  • Eliminates prone-to-error manual additions and health & safety risks for employees
  • Offline independent placement possible


KW Alternative Feeds | NovaPro

  • High bypass rape expeller product, delivers excellent performance
  • Improved amino acid balance when compared to soy, which can boost milk production and drive the cows dry matter intake
  • Reduces the crude protein content of the diet giving you cost savings on feed


Lacto Production | Lactolac 35

  • Milk replacer for calves, 22% proteins and 21% fat, includes 35% skim milk powder
  • Rich in dairy proteins allowing high digestibility
  • Optimal growth and complete nutrition
  • Supply of probiotic which acts as intestinal flora barrier


Layn Natural Ingredients USA | TruGro® GH

  • Improves body weight by maintaining the integrity of the tight junctions that regulate the paracellular pathway in the intestine
  • Blocks the ingress of potentially damaging and toxic substances
  • Saves energy and protein expended to counteract negative effects


Manuka Biotech | BTR MCT

  • Combination of modified bioactive GML and tributyrin
  • Double antimicrobial efficacy: antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities
  • Assists in the repair of damaged mucosa in the digestive tract and improves the body’s anti-inflammatory defenses
  • Lowers pH to sterilize drinking water and reduces biofilm formation


MilliporeSigma | FLASH Rapid Protein Detection Test

  • Total protein visual test rapidly detects protein residues left on product contact surfaces after cleaning
  • FLASH can help minimize the risk of cross-contamination to allergen-free product and reduce the opportunity for overall biological contamination
  • Quick and simple pass/fail test read by visual color interpretation
  • Supports process verification to ensure cleaning methods to remove allergens effectively are consistently applied


MTech Systems | Sonar

  • Real-time feed bin monitoring
  • Artificial intelligence-based consumption forecasting
  • Daily feed conversion calculation by formula
  • Automated link with feed mills for re-ordering


Looking for more new 2020 feed industry products? Find 28 more products online: https://bit.ly/36svfMi

NeoFeed | Optimilk®

  • Improved milk production of +1.8kg/cow/day with constant quality
  • Formulated blend of four aromatic families from 100% natural ingredients
  • Energy and protein bypass via action on rumen microbiota, i.e., amylolytic and proteolytic bacteria
  • Contribution to the reduction of N-NH3 and CH4


NEOGEN | Mycotoxin Solutions Program

  • One-stop-shop for complete mycotoxin mitigation strategies
  • Advanced support and training programs
  • Services are performed at its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory


Nutrex | Phytostar®

  • Enhances pathogen and toxin resistance
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Protects liver and kidneys
  • Improves feed efficiency and promotes a healthy gut



  • Alternative, sustainable solution to support gut health, improve feed efficacy and boost performance of broilers
  • Combines metabolites from both land plants (phytogenics) and marine algae (phycogenics) to improve digestibility and secure gut health of animals
  • Micro-encapsulation protects active ingredients for a high stability and optimal release in the gut
  • Consistent efficacy to improve performance of broilers in different regions of the globe and different types of formulations


Olmix | Algoguard

  • Maintains natural defenses leading to a higher resilience of animals before and during challenges
  • Optimizes technical performance and farm profitability
  • Unique association of biologically active macroalgae extracts
  • Proven to be resistant to heat treatment and extrusion



  • Collapsible and lighter tare weight for space savings and freight economy
  • Moisture-proof exterior wipes clean from spills and splashes, no additional shroud required
  • Easy pop-up design with no additional assembly required, simply drop in the food-grade cassetted liner and begin filling
  • Structural strength comes from SuCore panels made from 100% sugarcane bagasse


Pathway Intermediates
| YeaMune-UP

  • One-of-a-kind immune accelerator
  • Fermented c. boulardii product
  • Rich in β-glucan, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)
  • Inhibit pathogenic bacteria


Pathway Intermediates | Q-Life

  • Natural alternative to anticoccidials
  • For 100% AGP-free production
  • Improve animal performance and control coccidiosis
  • Do not require withdrawal period and leaves no residue in animals


Pathway Intermediates | ProBe-Bac

  • A mixture of bacteriophages for high performance and safe
  • Selected bacteriophages based on 200,000 animal diagnosis annually
  • Two versions of the products: ProBe-Bac PE for poultry and ProBe-Bac SE for swine
  • Effectively control various disease prevalent in poultry or swine industry


Phosphea | Calseagrow

  • Increases antioxidant reserve in layers, which helps manage feed quality issues, heat stress or any environmental changes leading to oxidative stress
  • Decreases Feed Conversion Ratio
  • Increases total eggs production, eggs quality and decrease sorted eggs number
  • Condition of use: 1 kilogram/ton of feed in the last 10 to 20 weeks of production


Provita Supplements Inc. | BONSILAGE Corn+ WS Silage Inoculant

  • Available for organic silage production
  • Enables a reliable fermentation process
  • Protects against dry matter losses during feed out
  • Supports the production of propylene glycol


Simple Ag Solutions | Target Weight Toolkit

  • Accurately predict bird weights 21 days into the future
  • Simple data input that works within existing workflows to collect data
  • Independent analysis of each farm and house in the operation provides unparalleled insight into each flock
  • In-app tabular and calendar views allow managers to build harvest schedules and see accurately predicted headcount and live weights at harvest


SRC Nutrition | SRC Probiotics

  • Bacillus strains offer increased stability
  • Improves digestion and enhances intestinal barrier function
  • Aids in the manufacturing of digestive enzymes
  • Stimulates epithelial mucin production and support the immune system


Sweet Manufacturing Company | Flite-Veyor® Low Profile Drag Conveyor

  • For use under grain bins or dump stations
  • Functions as a reclaiming system to minimize the use of tall and expensive grain bin stem walls
  • 15-degree curve section eliminates the need for deep elevator pits or receiving systems
  • Available in 1012 and 1812 models for capacities up to 7,750 bushels/hour


The Andersons, Inc. | ANDVantage 40Y™

  • 40% protein product from the U.S. dry grind ethanol industry
  • Corn-based, low in both fiber and anti-nutritional compounds
  • Contains spent yeast from the fermentation process
  • Highly digestible, plant-based protein product that can be used in rations for a variety of livestock species, such as all vegetable-based diets for poultry and rumen-undegraded protein for lactating dairy cows


The Andersons, Inc. | ANDVantage 50Y™

  • ANDVantage 50Y is a 50% protein product from the U.S. dry-grind ethanol industry
  • Corn-based product containing the spent yeast from the fermentation process
  • Concentrated protein source, low in both fiber and anti-nutritional compounds
  • Contains 80% more lysine and 30% more arginine than corn gluten meal; 50% more methionine and 35% more total sulfur amino acids than soybean meal


Tonisity | PxW WeanBetter

  • Water-soluble solution for weaned or fattening pigs
  • Delivered through the normal water lines
  • Palatable formula in smell and taste
  • Improves water intake and intestinal function during the weaning transition


VDL Packaging | UVA InMotion 500

  • VFFS machine with minimum floor space in high-speed operation
  • Largest VFFS web width (1.350mm) in the industry
  • Feature flexibility for extra product freshness, easy bag handling, reclose ability, optimum shelf presentation and bag style variety
  • High performance with 40 bags per minute


WEM Automation | WEM Analytics

  • Advanced report package displays various dashboards to improve overall plant operations
  • Compares data for a period of time or functional area, e.g., receiving, drying, grinding, batching, etc.
  • Web-based, “drag n’ drop” software accessible by a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Automation control system accesses both PLC and transactional data stored in the SQL database


YesSinergy Agorindustrial | GlucanGold

  • Better weight gain and immune status
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Promotes immunomodulatory effect
  • Mortality reduction


Editor’s note: All products included in the New Product Reveal were submitted by the companies who responded to our call-for-new-products mailer. Is your company’s new product missing? Please contact Feed Strategy editor, Jackie Roembke, [email protected].