Dr. Eckel adds two to sales staff

Nodirjon Mamadov and Yuwei Liao will respectively serve European, Asian markets

Nodirjon Mamadov and Yuwei Liao have joined the sales staff for feed additive company Dr. Eckel Gmbh

Mamadov will join the international sales team at Dr. Eckel Gmbh. After completing his studies of veterinary sciences at the Tajic University, Schirinscho Schotemur, he successfully achieved his MBA in international agricultural management at the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

During the course of several practical work experiences, Mamadov gained an insight into areas of contemporary animal husbandry. As a new member of the sales staff at Dr. Eckel, he will be using his broad language skills (Tadjik, Russian, Persian, Uzbek, German and English) as well as his practical experiences of international sales.

“Mr. Mamadov will be looking after the eastern European markets and an additional area in east Germany. His expertise in veterinary sciences and detailed knowledge of the eastern markets will be crucial for the development of our international sales strategy,” said Marc Denker, director of sales, Dr Eckel Gmbh.

Yuwei is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, German, and English and joined Dr. Eckel in the sales department for the Asian market. She will support the Asian market, and will be based in the Niederzissen office.

Liao was born and raised in Chengdu, China and finished her studies in animal sciences at the agricultural university of Szechuan, China, with a bachelor’s degree. In 2013 she achieved a master’s degree in agricultural sciences from the University of Bonn. During and after her studies in agricultural management, she worked for a software house in the agricultural sector as junior expert, as well as interpreting for a consultancy in the agricultural sector.