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3 reasons some animal feed additives fail to sell

I have identified three common features among animal feed additives that fail to make an impact on the market.


I have been following the animal feed additives industry since 1990, when I ran my first trial in broilers testing a novel additive: a phytase. Since then, I have worked for and with many additives manufacturers. I am following most research conducted with additives, and I keep an eye on new products. I have dealt or used most commercial products either in my own feeds or in my consulting service. I am in constant contact with the majority of big international players. From all these, I have identified three common features among those additives that fail to make an impact on the market:

1. They just don't make sense

Any nutritional supplement must have a sound biological basis resonating with the educational background of the potential customer base.

2. They just don’t make cents

In other words, they must be profitable. Not only for the selling, but also and most importantly, for the purchasing party. And, they must be very profitable for someone to try something new.

3. Nobody knows or cares about them

The best product or service will not succeed if potential customers don't know about it. Sometimes, the message is lost despite or because of the noise. And some bigger entities tend to ignore some of their own best products in favor of their new release.

Marketing and selling an additive requires a different approach than that employed in the business of commodities. You're providing add-on value, but quite often this is not clear enough. Bottom line, work on your message: make it short, simple and easy to understand, and you will see a change in customer perception.

But, nothing will help you if you don’t have an additive that really works!

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