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28 new animal feed industry products in 2020

Find out which new feed industry products were released in or around 2020, including feed additives and other new technolgies.


Product showcase highlights latest animal feed industry technologies, feed additives

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of nearly all in-person trade exhibitions serving the global animal feed industry. The 2020 New Product Reveal aims to highlight the latest feed-focused technologies introduced to the market in the past 12 months or so. In a typical year, many decision-makers would have been introduced to these products by a sales representative in person or at a trade show.

Feed Strategy’s December 2020 issue provided a comprehensive collection of the latest product and service offerings. This feature contains the new products that didn’t make it to the magazine due to space constraints.

Adiveter Form Ad Plus P


  • Combination of stabilized organic acids with essential oils to combat pathogenic bacteria in feed
  • Alternative to formaldehyde in markets where it is forbidden
  • Low corrosivity formula
  • Na+ source to restore electrolyte balance in heat stress conditions.


Adiveter Apsa Quimitox Plus


  • Powerful detoxifier that reduces the absorption of mycotoxins and other antigens
  • Protects the intestinal barrier against bacteria with type I fimbrias, e.g. coli, Salmonella and enterobacteria
  • Highly stable under a wide range of conditions and safe
  • Powerful immunomodulatory effect, increasing resistance to other secondary pathologies

Alltech Select Bac

Alltech | Select BAC

  • Innovative blend of live, naturally occurring microorganisms to drive complete gut health in dairy cattle
  • Addresses costly challenges caused by Clostridium in dairy cattle
  • Inhibits the growth of undesirable intestinal organisms in dairy herds
  • Fights the damaging effects of challenged feedstuffs on dairy farms

Alltech Viligen Ne

Alltech | Viligen NE

  • Prebiotic and postbiotic combination technology that is designed to help combat necrotic enteritis
  • Targets against clinical lesion scores and negative performance gains
  • Promotes villi height, crypt growth and gut cell differentiation
    Supports natural defenses and stimulates volatile fatty acid (VFA) concentration in the gut

Andres Pintaluba

Andrés Pintaluba | APSAGUT ESSENTIAL

  • Standardized blend of essential oils protected by micro-encapsulation system, providing stability of actives and easier handling
  • Proven in vitro and in vivo efficacy as antimicrobial, antioxidant, immunomodulation and anti-inflammatory agents
  • Provides a specific taste sensation to enhance the appetite of the animal during periods of stress challenge, leading to improved feed utilization and protection from the detrimental effects of oxidative stress in the animal


  • Nutritional supplement based on natural and mineral substances focused on optimizing swine weaning-mating interval
  • Provides specific nutrients which acting on hormone regulation center involved in reproduction
  • Optimal reproductive performance in sows
  • Provides litter weight uniformity


Betiwal Bewi Fatrix Syner G Plus 1

Betiwal | BEWI-FATRIX SynerG+

  • Matrix-encapsulated combination product based on lauric acid, monoglycerides of short-chain fatty acids and aromatic substances, such as plant extracts and essential oils
  • Fights against gram-positive bacteria, such as streptococci and clostridia
  • Proven effect in vivo and in vitro



Bioiberica Nucleoforce Aqua


Bioiberica | Nucleoforce Aqua

  • Supports the development of the immune system
  • Supports the development of the digestive system
  • Reduces mortality at early stages of development
  • Promotes resistance to diseases



Cbs Pro Sparity

CBS | ProSparity

  • Multi-Component enzyme product containing significant levels of acid, neutral and alkaline activities
  • Broad spectrum of endo- and exo-peptidase activities for superior amino acid liberation and large protein hydrolysis
  • High binding affinity allows for significant protein hydrolysis from plant and animal origin
  • Reduces dietary crude protein by 1-2% for optimal least cost formulation

Cbs Superzyme Cs Green

CBS | Superzyme-CS Green ‘Organic Version’

  • Enzyme complex designed for diets which use corn, soybean meal, wheat, wheat and milling byproducts, oilseed meals and other plant protein sources
  • Improves efficacy of phytase supplementation by releasing phytic acid from the feed matrix
  • Releases prebiotic sugars from the feed matrix thereby improving intestinal health
  • Approved for Organic and RWA systems

Ccpa Group 1CCPA Group | OLEOSTAT

  • Natural feed solution for coccidiosis management
  • Supports reduced of chemical use
  • Flexibility of use for each specific need
  • Usable on coccidiostat-free manufacturing lines




  • Blend of phytogenic products and metal salts designed to save vegetable proteins by improving protein efficiency in ruminant’s farms and feed compounders
  • Does not modify spatial structure of proteins and provides more digestible and easily absorbed proteins for animals in intestine
  • Reduces protein level in the diet to decrease feed costs and reduce nitrogen emission in the environment

Cgp Expal Stabulon


  • Load stability, anti-slip paper for supersacs, bags, totes, etc,.
  • FSC-certified recycled from 100% PCW
  • Reusable
  • Customizable to drive out costs and waste



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Gtm Calite FeedGT Materials GmbH | Calite feed

  • Ammonia binder – improved digestion
  • Mycotoxin binder
  • Anticaking-agent
  • Odor reduction




Gtm Bentonite A



GT Materials GmbH | Bentonite A

  • Ammonia binder
  • Mycotoxin binder
  • More vitality
  • Natural fiber



Htba Weanex

HTBA | Weanex

  • Intake promoter based on the volatile components present in colostrum and the mother’s milk for piglets and calves.
  • Helps during the transition from liquid food (breast milk) to solid feed
  • Encourages voluntary consumption of creep feed and milk replacers from the first week of life, contributing to a better adaption to post-weaning feed
  • Patented formula ensures constant intake during lactation, reducing mortality rate, and stimulating the enzymatic capacity of the intestinal tract


Htba Sugarex

HTBA | Sugarex

  • Range is based mainly on the intensive sweetener and masking agent, Neohesperidine DC (NHDC), which is 1,800-2,000 times sweeter than sucrose.
  • Neutralizes the bitter taste produced by additives, medicinal products and the astringent taste of dietary minerals and raw materials
  • Enhances the added flavors to the feed
  • Provides a fast, intensely sweet, and pleasant sensation in the mouth which encourages animals to keep eating.


Htba Tastex

HTBA | Tastex

  • Wide variety of high-quality flavors with long-lasting effect
  • Assures maximum animal acceptance, by adding the most appetizing and attractive flavors to feed
  • Guarantees a constant feed intake avoiding taste variations
  • Total stability in feed production and storage







Kemin Choli Gem

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health EMENA | CholiGEM

  • 60% choline chloride in encapsulated form which is more than concentration than the first generation
  • Three times more bioavailable choline than the first generation
  • Up to 30% additional space in the premix formulation
  • Lower inclusion level decreases transportation requirements

Manuka Biotech Btr Tannin


Manuka Biotech | BTR Tannin

  • Reduces wet droppings and diarrhea
  • Patented “skeletal-matrix” technology ensures the sustained-release of tannin and butyric acid throughout the digestion tract
  • Alternative to ZnO or antibiotic replacement
  • Minimizes coccidial infection in poultry and reduces death rate




Manuka Biotech Lipotech Ba No Bg

Manuka Biotech | Lipotech BA

  • Natural endogenous emulsifier complex facilitating the dietary fat and oil utilization
  • Consists food grade emulsifiers and imported cattle and sheep bile acids from New Zealand
  • Protects liver function and promotes the secretion of bile
  • Promotes molting of crustaceans, such as shrimps and crabs

Manuka Biotech Lipotech Mct


Manuka Biotech | Lipotech MCT

  • Microencapsulated MCT, a comprehensive metabolic regulator with antibacterial and antioxidative properties
  • Saves weak and sick animals
  • Energy booster for fighting rooster or DOC
  • Better carcass quality



Millipore Sigma Supel Tox Spe

MilliporeSigma | Supel Tox SPE Cartridges for mycotoxin analysis

  • Interference removal strategy which saves time by eliminating wash steps combined with increased reproducibility
  • Improved shelf life over immunoaffinity columns due to thermally stable format. No refrigeration required for shipping and storage
  • Sample preparation time is up to 10 times less than that of immunoaffinity columns
  • Supel Tox SPE approach requires less equipment and fewer consumables, providing additional cost savings along with its quick methodology

Neopharma Aquala Mneopharma Japan Co., Ltd. | AQUALA M

  • Product including 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate) and use for aquaculture especially shrimp
  • Support growth promotion
  • Increase survival rate
  • Improve immunity



Nutrex Endo BanNutrex | EndoBan

  • Limits leakage of endotoxins through the GIT
  • Prevents energy consuming inflammatory responses
  • Improves gut health
  • Improves feed efficiency and growth performance


  • Alternative and sustainable solution to support gut health, and maintain performance of monogastric animals during adverse conditions or in challenging environment
  • Double encapsulation enables a controlled release of active ingredients for optimal efficacy in the digestive tract
  • Unique formulation with the synergistic effects of phytogenics, phycogenics and organic acids, combined thanks to a unique technology
  • Improves performance of animals, for both poultry and swine, in different regions of the globe and different types of formulations


Phosphea Map AquaPHOSPHEA | Monoammonium phosphate (MAP)

  • Highest phosphorus content (26%), an advantage in concentrated formula
  • Highest phosphorus water-solubility (> 95%) which leads to the highest digestibility
  • Phosphate without calcium as fish and shrimps can take it from water
  • Available in very fine or microgranules for more flexibility


Volmac MegalacVolac Wilmar Feed Ingredients | Megalac 2.0

  • Low odor, rumen-protected fat
  • Provides energy for improved milk yield and fertility






Editor’s note: All products included in the 2020 New Product Reveal were submitted by the companies who responded to our call-for-new-products mailer. Is your company’s new product missing? Please contact Feed Strategy editor Jackie Roembke, [email protected].

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