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15 feed additives for mycotoxin management, mitigation

Learn about the latest feed additives for mitigating the effects of mycotoxins in animal feed in this mycotoxin product showcase.


Product showcase features the latest feed additives for mitigating the effects of mycotoxins in animal feed.


Product name: Unike® Plus

Adisseo Unike PlusDifferentiator:  Holistic approach toward mycotoxin management

  • Maximum protection against challenges posed by broad-spectrum mycotoxin contamination
  • Allows liver, GIT, kidneys, and other organs to function without interference from toxins
  • Supports optimal functioning of the immune, reproductive, antioxidant and digestive systems under commercial conditions

ADM Animal Nutrition

Product name: AncoFit

Adm AncoDifferentiator: Microorganisms for empowering animals to overcome naturally occurring dietary challenges

  • Viable, naturally occurring microorganisms
  • Specifically selected ingredients to overcome naturally-occurring dietary challenges and stressors
  • Enabling animals to attain their performance potential

Agrimprove by Special Nutrients | Agrifirm

Product name: MYCOAD (AZ)

Agrifirm MycoadDifferentiator: Scientifically proven in vivo based on target organ protection

  • Exclusive clay minerals have a large ad­sorption capacity for all types of mycotoxins, including Fusarium toxins.
  • Unique quality control
  • Target organ protection from different mycotoxin symptoms


Product name: Mycosorb A+

Alltech MycosorbDifferentiator: Proven in over 100 published animal studies

  • Reduces the risk of mycotoxins to an animal’s body by the process of adsorption
  • Contains Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a yeast produced under specific conditions to allow for the formation of specific carbohydrates on its cell wall
  • Contains algae grown under specific conditions to produce specific carbohydrates for the adsorption of mycotoxins and targets different mycotoxins than yeast

Amlan International    

Product name:  Calibrin-Z

Amlan Calibrin ZDifferentiator: Targets fungal and bacterial toxins to reduce enteric disease effects

  • Natural, unique mixture of minerals
  • Proprietary thermal activation
  • Active surfaces promote broad spectrum control of toxins

Anpario plc

Product name:  Anpro Advance

Anpario Anpro AdvanceDifferentiator: Clay bind DON*

  • Low inclusion, broad spectrum mitigation strategy
  • Trials demonstrate DON binding efficiency
  • Does not bind other dietary nutrients

BASF Animal Nutrition

Product name: Novasil™ Plus mycotoxin binder

Basf Novasil Mycotoxin BinderDifferentiator: Aflatoxin binding with calcium bentonite

  • Binds aflatoxin B1* by absorbing mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract thus preventing the uptake in the blood and subsequent distribution to target organs
  • Heat stable, unaffected by pH, consistent quality and functions as an anti-caking agent
  • Does not bind nutrients


Product name: Mycofix®

Biomin Mycofix
Utilizes adsorption, biotransformation and bioprotection to counteract mycotoxins

  • Scientifically proven solution to combat a broad spectrum of mycotoxins: deactivates trichothecenes, zearalenone, ochratoxin A and aflatoxins, FUMzyme® is a patented purified enzyme to degrade fumonisins
  • Enhanced bioprotection against a weakened immune system and lower performance caused by endotoxins and (emerging) mycotoxins, strengthens the intestinal barrier and tight junctions
  • Increases profitability by preventing mycotoxin-induced reproductive, health and performance issues
  • Mycofix® is not sold in the United States and Canada.


Product name: Notox™ range

Notox CargillDifferentiator: Made of advanced binding and health support technologies

  • A comprehensive portfolio of narrow and large spectrum anti-mycotoxin agents
  • Concentrate of most advanced mycotoxin binding and health support technologies for maximum efficacy
  • Proven multi-species performance recovery under mycotoxin challenge condition

EW Nutrition

Product name: Mastersorb Gold

Ew Nutrition Mastersorb GoldDifferentiator: Mitigating stress by lowering the impact of endo- and mycotoxins

  • Reduces the impact of stress on animals through endotoxin risk mitigation
  • Improves animal performance by reducing the negative effects of mycotoxin contamination
  • Supports animal welfare by reducing the impact of toxin challenges


Product name: Escent®

Innovad EscentDifferentiator: Combats daily stress detoxifying mycotoxins, supporting liver, reducing oxidative stress and boosting immune system

  • Combats daily stress caused by several external factors as (myco)toxins
  • Large capacity for mycotoxin detoxification (tested in vivo)
  • Myco-Marker® service is the assessment of the real mycotoxin exposure through feed and biomarker analysis

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America

Product name: KALLSIL™

Kemin Na KallsilDifferentiator: Enhanced zeolite mineral for broad-spectrum fungal metabolite control in feed

  • Composed of natural, zeolite aluminosilicate mineral clay mined in the U.S.
  • Zeolite’s 3D structure attracts and traps small polar molecules, while minimally binding vitamins and minerals in feed
  • Proprietary manufacturing process maximizes binding efficiency, thereby limiting negative effects of common fungal metabolites on animal performance

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Product name: LEVUCELL SC

Lallemand Levucell Sc 20Differentiator: Rumen specific live yeast

  • Stabilizes rumen pH
  • Improves fiber and diet digestibility
  • Improves rumen development

Trouw Nutrition

Product name: TOXO

Toxo Trouw Nutrition

  • Mycotoxin adsorption
  • Gut wall protection
  • Immune modulation
  • Anti-oxidation

United Animal Health

Product name: M-Mobilize

United Animal Health M MobilizeDifferentiator: Delivers benefits in the presence or absence of mycotoxins

  • Multi-ingredient product, containing a novel aluminosilicate, as well as yeast cell wall and bacillus strains
  • Low inclusion rate (1.5 lbs./ton) and does not interfere with vitamins or feed-grade antibiotics
  • Trails and benchtop analysis indicate it provides performance benefits, both with and without the presence of mycotoxins in feed.

*Claim not accepted in some regions.

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