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Palion acquires remaining shares from Bewital

Palion has acquired the remaining shares from its joint venture partner Bewital.

Palion has acquired the remaining shares from its joint venture partner Bewital.

Until recently, the company was a joint-venture between Henry van den Bighelaar (Palion) and the Bewital group.

Effective June 1, Palion acquired all shares from Bewital.

Palital is a prominent manufacturer of feed additives such as coated butyrates, gradual-release urea and flavors and sweeteners. Over the previous years, the company has experienced a strong development of the business, independent from Bewital. The company has witnessed a strong growth and employs more than 40 people. All personnel and equipment have been taken over in the new business. The plans for a large-scale expansion of the production capacity are in place and already executed.

Jürgen Petershagen, general manager of Bewital Holding, said: “We are proud to have been involved with the development of Palital since the early days. The company is now strong enough to stand on its own feet. Furthermore, we want to concentrate on our core business, where we are also seeing strong growth at present.”

Henry van den Bighelaar, partner and manging director of Palital, said: “Together with Bewital and with their support, I was able to start Palital and build it into a successful enterprise. The transfer of activities into the new company – Palital Feed Additives B.V. – allows our team to expand the production capacity, develop new products and it creates the opportunity to profile ourselves more independently in our market-segment.”

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