Ukraine wheat, corn down from 2012 numbers

Overall grain stocks still up, according to Agriculture Ministry

Ukraine’s wheat and corn inventories are down from 2012 numbers, according to the country’s Agriculture Ministry, with wheat at 6.5 million metric tons and corn at 9.5 million metric tons as of early March.

Current wheat numbers are compared to 8.1 million metric tons as of March 1, 2012, according to government statistics. Ukraine needs 3.5 million metric tons of wheat for domestic needs through the end of the marketing year on June 30, said the ministry. Corn stockpiles were at 9.7 million metric tons on March 1, 2012.

Total grain stocks are still up over 2012 numbers, at 22 million metric tons as of early March compared to 21 million metric tons. The Agriculture Ministry projected domestic demand at about 9.7 million metric tons from March through June.