Thailand gains in poultry feed in 2010

Broiler, layer feeds both up from 2009

Poultry was the growth sector of the feed business in Thailand in 2010, with members of the Thai Feed Mills Association manufacturing 4.51 million metric tons of feeds for broilers and 2.13 million metric tons for laying hens, out of a total production for all species of 12.84 million metric tons.

Figures from the association show annual growth rates of 7.3% for broiler feeds and 6.5% for layer diets by comparison with 2009. They also point to rises since 2005 of 38.3% and 15.1% for broiler feeds and layer feeds, respectively. Between 2009 and 2010, the all-feeds production of association members fell by 4.1%, although the 2010 total still meant a 21.4% increase since 2005.