FAMSUN debuts at VIV Europe

Muyang unveils new brand

FAMSUN, the new brand of Muyang Co. Ltd., made its first public appearance outside China at VIV Europe 2014 in Utrecht, Netherlands, from May 20-22.

As the world’s demand for quality and safety foods grows, food supply chains have become more connected. Most players in agro-industry diversify their businesses and extend to upstream and downstream links in order to boost efficiency, safety and resources sustainability in operations.

“Same with that you can find what you need here and all under one roof at VIV, Muyang is trying to cope with our customers’ growth and to become a one-stop solution supplier who shares knowledge, experience and resource, provides convenient, flexible and consistent technical supports to customers and helps them grow business.” Liu Guangdao, vice president of Muyang, said. “The new brand FAMSUN therefore is launched. It originates from ‘famous, farm, family, sun and union’, implying that we are going to build a green and healthy supply chain from farm to table together with our customers and create sustainable development.”