China feed production hits 80.5 million tons first half 2012

Production expected to reach 200 million tons by end of designated five-year period

In the first half of 2012, China’s mixed and compound feed output reached 80.5575 million tons, according to data from a report, “Chinese Feed Industry Analysis and Investment Strategy Report 2013-2017.” 

Of that, 66 percent (53.1697 million tons) was made up of compound feed and the other 34 percent (27.3878 million) was made up of mixed feed. The report indicated that China’s production of compound feed in June was 11.77 percent (10.597 million tons) higher than in 2011. Analyzing province by province, Shandong province’s mixed feed output reached 7.606 million tons, increasing 18.40 percent over 2011’s number and making up 14.31 percent of China’s total output. Following closely behind are Guangdong province, Liaoning province and Guangxi province, making up 9.27 percent, 8.34 percent and 7.52 percent of the total, respectively.

During China’s 12th Five-year Plan Period, China is expected to see a steady growth of feed output, and by the end of that period, the total feed output is estimated to reach 200 million tons. Among all the output, compound feed will hit 168 million tons, concentrated feed will be at 26 million tons and pre-mix feed will reach 6 million tons, according to the report. There will be over 50 feed companies with an annual production capability of 500,000 tons, taking up 50 percent of the country’s total feed output.