Mozambique poultry production to increase 23% by 2015

Consumption to increase 32% over same period

Mozambique’s poultry production will increase by 23% to 2014-2015, fuelled by rising domestic demand and ongoing investments in improved production techniques, according to Research and Markets’ “Mozambique Agribusiness Report Q1 2011.” 

Consumption is also expected to increase by 32% over the same period, reflecting improved living standards and an expanding population. The greatest risks for production, according to the report, are the rise in feed costs and disease. The country’s corn production fell in 2009-2010 to 1.88 million metric tons (2.7%), but production is expected to expand by 12.5% in the five years to 2014-2015. Consumption of the grain is expected to outpace production growth, increasing by 29% by 2014-2015, due to an expanding population and a steady increase in the use of corn as a feed for poultry and livestock.