DuPont Industrial Biosciences shares its vision of nutribiosis

Area of animal nutrition science meant to address pig production challenges

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has introduced a cutting-edge approach on an area of animal nutrition science termed “nutribiosis” that maps the interaction between gut and immune function, nutrition and the microbiome, bringing new insights to the industry.

Through the lens of nutribiosis, DuPont is working to develop animal nutrition and health solutions – backed by credible scientific evidence and clearly demonstrated effectiveness – that enable producers to improve animal performance, increase liveability and support welfare in the face of increasing pressure to reduce or remove antibiotics from production systems.

In addition to this groundbreaking work, DuPont Business Unit Director for Animal Nutrition Aart Mateboer highlighted DuPont’s existing portfolio of swine nutritional health solutions, including Syncra SWI, an adaptive feed additive that powers pig diets through improving energy and amino acid digestibility, thereby boosting growth and reducing feed costs.

Syncra SWI, a powerful protease/probiotic combination that delivers energy and amino acid digestibility for pigs, has been shown to increase liveability by 1-2 percent, improve feed conversion ratios (FCR) by more than 3 percent and average daily gain (ADG) by more than 2 percent compared to the control groups. With Syncra SWI, pork producers can be confident that livestock benefit from the full nutritional value of their feed – resulting in strong overall performance and profitable return.

DuPont is an important partner to U.S. pork producers looking to improve and optimize the health and well-being of both their animals and their business. As diverse challenges arise, DuPont continues to develop innovative, scientific solutions in support of healthy animals and profitable farming operations.