New Zealand importing cottonseed meal on Australia bumper crop

Farmers using as replacement for high-priced soya bean meal

New Zealand has imported 10,000 metric tons of cottonseed meal from Australia over the last year due to Australia’s bumper crop of cotton, according to reports.

Australia cotton producers are forecasting a record harvest of 4.8 million bales from 583,000 hectares planted for the 2011–2012 season. “It’s quite a popular product,” said Oilseed Products New Zealand Sales Manager Peter Cooke. ”It’s well priced and soya bean meal is very expensive at the moment because of the North American drought situation.”

While cottonseed meal isn’t quite as high in protein as soya bean meal, it’s still a good product for dairy cows. It is typically blended with another feed, such as palm kernel expeller or a cereal. “It complements grains and other lower protein sources,” said Cooke.