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New FEFAC president named

Pedro Cordero announced at recent general assembly

FEFAC’s 68th General Assembly, held on 14 June 2023 in Ystad, Sweden, during FEFAC’s 30th FEFAC Congress, elected Pedro Luis Cordero Castillo as its new president, for the next term 2023–2026. Cordero (ES), a graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid (Veterinary–Animal Production sp), served as managing director of NANTA (NUTRECO), Spain & Portugal. He is vice president of CESFAC, The Spanish Feed Industry Association.

Pedro Cordero: “I look forward to representing the interests of the European Compound Feed and Premix Manufacturers in these challenging times, trying to buffer the impacts of the geopolitical crisis caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine and climate change, which affect the economic sustainability of the EU livestock and aquaculture value chain.

As FEFAC, we welcome and support the EU Commission's efforts to increase the resilience of our agri-food systems to better withstand external shocks. This requires a full functioning of the single market and a level playing field for our livestock sector facing growing competition from imports not meeting the same high EU standards on sustainability and animal welfare. Our organization proactively contributed to the announced EU protein plan seeking to increase the EU’s feed and food autonomy for protein production.

Effective solutions will be offered such as supporting our customers with climate change mitigation effects, such as raising protein efficiency and reducing of emission intensity of animal products. Collective investment and toolbox development adopting new technologies, including the use of “big database” tools, like the Global Feed LCA database, can help accelerate the uptake of more advanced feeding techniques at farm levels, as demonstrated in our latest publication.

As FEFAC president, I will do my utmost to promote circular, sustainable feed solutions, integrating them into our best-practice professional recommendations to assist our customers with the transition to more sustainable production systems, as laid down in our FEFAC Sustainability Charter 2030”.

The 68th General Assembly also elected a new FEFAC board:

Pedro Cordero, CESFAC, Spain--President

Asbjørn Børsting, DAKOFO, Denmark--Vice-President 

Bernd Schmitz, DVT, Germany–Vice-President 

Nicolas Coudry-Mesny, France--Vice-President

Zoltan Pulay, HGFA, Hungary–Vice President

Dirk van Thielen, BFA, Belgium 

Elena Tsvetanova, BFMA, Bulgaria 

Iani Chiaia, ANFNC, Romania 

José Romão Braz, IACA, Portugal

Marcello Veronesi, ASSALZOO, Italy 

Marek Kumprecht, SKK, Czech Republic 

Ruud Tijssens, NEVEDI, The Netherlands 

Sara Bell, AIC, United Kingdom

Wojciech Zarzycki, IZBA, Poland




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