WEDA Fermi 4PX wins Innovation Star at SPACE

The company's software automatically controls and monitors the processes of a liquid feeding unit with fermentation

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp was recently presented with the renowned Innovation Star in the Pig Management Category for their Fermentation Software Fermi 4PX. The sought-after prize was awarded to the manufacturers of house equipment from Lower Saxonian Lutten within the framework of SPACE, the French leading trade fair for modern animal managements at Rennes.

The responsible persons at WEDA felt honored about the positive judgement of the independent expert jury of agricultural journalists, scientists, and technicians: Fermi 4PX is well suited to fully and automatically controlling and monitoring the processes of a liquid feeding unit with fermentation so that the health-promoting fermentation will be successful.

Below the line, the innovation saves the unit operators work, time, and money, because the Fermi 4PX calculates the exact amounts of the feed components as well as their mixing ratio and creates a mixing plan. Complex adjustments as well as component and temperature calculations and controls are therefore not necessary anymore. Instead, the system warns the user in good time in case things might not be going according to mixing plan. In this case, the necessary corrections can still be carried early enough.

"The award confirms our endeavors to rely on fermentation and on the innovations in the fermentation process,” emphasized Jan Bernd Diekhaus-Röttger, Head of Sales and Marketing of WEDA. He also pointed out that the use of fermented feed in pig management offers numerous advantages.

Besides improving animal health, these advantages are mainly decreasing feed and health expenses as well as the protection of the environment. "All of these advantages can now be used to their full extent by means of the Fermi 4PX Software, because a comprehensive software package of this kind has up until now not been obtainable in the market of feeding computers,” summarized Jan Bernd Diekhaus-Röttger. In this sense, the WEDA software does not only involve an innovation but also a sustainable support for farmers and animals.