Nutriad hosts conference at ILDEX

The meeting in Vietnam covered the country's drastic reduction in AGPs allowed in feed additives and a potential ban in the future

The 6th ILDEX exposition was held from March 23 to 25 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. More than 7,000 visitors attended the exhibition or participated in one of the conferences that elaborated on the latest trends in livestock and aquaculture production. Nutriad hosted a presentation on ADIMIX®, given by Dr. Tim Goossens, business development manager Digestive Performance.

BK Chew, regional sales director APAC, noticed that interest in functional feed additives has grown tremendously in Vietnam. “Livestock production and aquaculture have evolved rapidly over the last decade, reaching a point where customers are demanding safe products with high efficacy to meet increasing expectations on production efficiency,” he said.

Dr. Goossens added, “Products that increase animal performance by improving gut health, for instance, are receiving much attention, as the Vietnamese government has decided to drastically reduce the number of antibiotics that are allowed for in feed-applications, while defining maximum levels for several AGPs that are still allowed.”

In 2020, the Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture will evaluate the effects of this policy that was introduced this year, and may decide to ban AGPs altogether. This puts considerable pressure on feed mills and farms to invest in better technology and high quality alternatives.

“We see that the effort we put on promoting high-quality feed additives is appreciated by our customers, and that they are eager to see how they can collaborate with Nutriad and its distributors to implement our products in their daily operations”, Dr. Goossens concluded.