Leiber animal nutrition team continues to expand

The company is welcoming Elena Polster and Christoph Schröder

Leiber has appointed Elena Polster and Christoph Schröder to augment its Animal Nutrition Business Unit. The company is a leading manufacturer of specialty products made from brewer’s yeast.

Polster, a specialist in biotechnology, has been assigned to the company’s Product Development Division. She is contributing to the continuous improvement and expansion of Leiber’s high-quality brewer yeast product range.

She has a Master of Science degree in biotechnological processes from the University of Guadalajara and a Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology from the Hamburg University of Applied Science. Polster has worked as a scientific assistant for applied microbiology.

Schröder is part of the company’s Product Management team in the Livestock Division, with a focus on beef. After earning his Master of Science degree with an emphasis on animal sciences at the Technical University of Munich, he gathered in-depth knowledge as a research associate and consultant.

While working at the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, he most recently supervised the “optiKuh” project–a nationwide joint project with the aim of researching the best conditions for dairy cows.

Nikolaus Jungbluth, Director of Animal Nutrition, says, “By expanding the team, we now have more possibilities to serve national and international customers individually and innovatively at the accustomed high level of quality.”