Kemin announces new hires

The company's animal nutrition and health division team has five new members

Kemin has announced additions to its animal nutrition and health division team. They are Jennifer DuCray, Dr. Nelson Lobos, Dr. Joe Loughmiller, Dr. Ana Lucia de Sousa and Dr. Sara Trojan.

DuCray will serve as an associate product manager. DuCray is responsible for the management and marketing strategy for the monogastric gut health product CLOSTAT® and the trace mineral line, including KemTRACE® Chromium. She joined Kemin in 2009 in the animal nutrition and health customer laboratory services department as a chemist and also served in a management trainee program. She received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Colorado State University.

Dr. Loughmiller will serve as a monogastric regional sales manager. Dr. Loughmiller brings wide knowledge in the areas of personnel management and animal nutrition and production. Prior to joining Kemin, he was a co-owner of Maverick Nutrition LLC. He has also held various technical service and sales management positions with Devinish Nutrition, Akey and SCA Nutrition. Joe has significant international experience providing on-farm technical assistance as well as several invited speaking engagements at conferences and events in Europe and Asia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in animal science from Brigham Young University and both a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in swine nutrition from Kansas State University.

Dr. Lobos joined as a dairy technical service manager. With his background in amino acid nutrition, Dr. Lobos will play a major role in supporting the dairy key account managers throughout the U.S. and Mexico. His focus areas include nutrient utilization, metabolism and encapsulated amino acids. Prior to joining Kemin, Dr. Lobos worked as an assistant researcher at USDA Dairy Forage Research Center. Nelson received his Ph.D. in dairy science from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015.

Dr. de Souza will serve as a swine technical service manager. Prior to joining Kemin, Dr. de Souza worked at Smithfield Foods, responsible for formulation, feed management, R&D feed formulations and project valuations for business development. In her prior career, she has held positions with Vitagri Ind Com e Serv Ltda. She received a veterinary medicine degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine and a Master of Science in animal production with emphasis in non-ruminant nutrition from the Federal University in Santa Maria (UFSM). She has a Ph.D. in animal sciences (focus swine nutrition) from the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Trojan will serve as a beef technical service manager. Prior to joining Kemin, Dr. Trojan was an assistant professor of animal nutrition at Texas Tech University and South Dakota State University. She has a Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Oklahoma State University, a Master of Science in animal science from Kansas State University and her Bachelor of Science in animal science from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Trojan has an extensive background in feedlot and cow-calf nutrition and management.