Innovad moves forward in Iran

The company is working with its appointed Iranian agent Pars Jivar Soufi to offer feed additives, technology and services to the country's veterinary pharmacists and livestock industry

Innovad® and its exclusively appointed Iranian agent Pars Jivar Soufi® have spent years planning their approach to the animal health and animal industry of Iran and neighboring markets.

Ben Letor, director at Innovad, commented, “With a population of 78 million, a large and growing animal husbandry industry, a country rich in natural resources, an important educated community, and the recent UN sanctions lift, Iran represents a strategic region for Innovad. We are committed to working very closely and long term with Leila Rostami (Nutritionist, M.Sc.), owner and managing director of Pars Jivar Soufi, and her skilled team to bring Innovad feed additives and farm pack technology and services to the Iranian veterinary pharmacists and livestock industry.“

“There are challenges ahead, especially when it comes to registering products and meeting the very demanding IVO (Iranian Veterinary Organization) requirements,” says Rostami, “but Innovad and Pars Jivar Soufi have already succeeded in bringing products into Iran and are very confident that very soon the key Innovad brands will be available to the Iranian milk, meat, egg and fish producers. All backed by strong technical support and analytical services ensuring proper product application and return on investment.”

The launch took place at the 5th International Veterinary Poultry Congress, held in Teheran Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.