Direvo enzymes improve ethanol industry margins

The company has made significant progress in improving the economic health of the corn-based ethanol industry

Direvo Industrial Biotechnology has demonstrated that its proprietary enzyme blend, BluZy®-P XL1000, increased oil recovery over traditional mechanical separation and chemical addition by over 20%. BluZy®-P XL1000, custom designed to disrupt the corn fiber matrix and release oil, was tested in an extended commercial trial with a major US ethanol producer. Optimized corn oil recovery is a major margin improvement opportunity for the ethanol industry providing an immediate bottom-line impact through enhanced co-product revenues for an average sized plant. Additionally, ethanol yields are reportedly increased which is being validated through extensive trials with early adopters. BluZy®-P XL1000 can be utilized by ethanol producers with no incremental capital expenditures.

Jorg Riesmeier, CEO, stated that Direvo, with extensive bio-technical capabilities and enzyme know-how, has made significant progress to meet its business mission of improving the economic health of the corn-based ethanol industry. “The industry is focusing on improving the value of co-products. We are enthusiastic about how our products will lead to a more profitable and sustainable ethanol production business model. BluZy®-P XL1000 is our initial commercial launch of new value-added enzymes for the ethanol industry. We are excited about the prospects in working with our business partners to provide unique and quantifiable benefits to the ethanol industry.”